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I read this today during my time with the Lord:

“”For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord.  “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”  Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.  You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”–Jeremiah 29:11-13

Don’t just skip over it because it’s a scripture you’ve already read… go back and read it again very slowly…

This brings me such comfort… I wonder why?  What about you?

What I Learned from My Marine–Know Your Subordinates

Only after we learn how to lead ourselves can we effectively lead others.  The next leadership principle in the Marines’ manual that I have found to be true is:


Maybe you’re not leading Marines, but the same holds true for whoever you find yourself leading:

Know your children–know how they’re wired, how they learn best, what makes them passionate, what do they want to do in life?

Know your employees–Relational leadership is the key to success.  If you know your people you know what they’re capable of, where they’re best suited in the organization.

Know your volunteers–knowing your volunteer’s strengths and weaknesses greatly aids  your effectiveness in your ministry area. 

Do you know those you lead? How can you do better as a leader to KNOW your subordinates…

What I Learned from My Marine–Lead Thyself

Sometimes we can forget that we are all leaders of something.  Whether we lead ministries, volunteers, employees, children or just ourselves we all lead in some capacity. 


As I was looking through Cody’s Marine Corps leadership manual I was amazed how much of what they teach can be applied to anyone you find yourself leading.  However, the first and most important thing to remember as a leader is that we first lead ourselves. 


Cody says that his favorite leadership concept from the manual is: “Know Thyself and Seek Self-improvement”


See how you stack up against these three top leadership concepts the United States Marine Corps expect from their men.


Authority—the legitimate power of a leader to direct those subordinate to him to take action within the scope of his position. 

Responsibility—the obligation to act or to do that which you must answer for

Accountability—the leader answers for his actions and accepts the consequences, good or bad.  Accountability is the final act on the establishment of one’s credibility.   

Post a comment and discuss where you see yourself needing improvement.  After all, we’re all leaders of something…


What I Learned from My Marine

Many of you know Cody is a Marine.  He served four years of active duty, heading to Iraq twice for two separate deployments.  As a Sergeant he gained valuable yet simple to understand lessons in leadership which have already helped me in my job and ministry.  I will share some of these valuable lessons this week.  I hope they will spark some good discussion.  



Making a Withdrawal

The biggest thing I learned during this time of shrinking was the concept that losing weight was a lot like keeping a bank account. 


To keep a bank account you have to make sure you’re putting more money in than you’re taking out.  If you don’t, you’ll become overdrawn and in serious debt. 


The same is true with our bodies.  To lose weight we just have to make sure we’re working off more than we’re putting in.  Knowing your calorie intake and out-take is the fastest way to success.  Check out this resource  and this resource to help you become more knowledgeable. 


I pray these tips have helped at least some of you out there.  I know how tough it is to carry around extra weight.  I know what it’s like to feel like you’re wearing a fat suit you wish you could just take off.  It’s not who we are.  It’s what we’ve allowed the world to add to us.  I hope and pray we find the strength to realize who we really are and then become it. 

Cut Me Off

Going from 185lbs to XXX (like I’m going to tell everyone how much I weigh! Pu-leese!) didn’t happen over night.  It also didn’t happen by eating at night. 


It seems like such a small thing.  But I can tell you, changing this one little habit was huge. 


I stopped eating after 9:00pm.  Completely.  No mid-night snack, no late-night dinner.  Nine o’clock was cut off time. 


This helped big time in speeding my metabolism.  I was able to work off the calories I had consumed that day without adding more or sleeping on a full stomach. 


Try it.  It works wonders!

Kick in the Butt

Read Monday’s post and Tuesday’s post before you read below if you havn’t already!  


I know for a fact that the only reason I was able to keep up this kind of extreme pattern was because I had a friend doing it with me. 


It’s a big word called accountability. 


This was the person I would tell everyday what I had eaten.  If I screwed up at all they would be the one to kick me in the butt. 


It’s another big word called consequence. 


At the beginning we decided how long to keep this type of eating going.  A month and a half seemed doable.  But we also decided that every time we ate something we shouldn’t we would tack on another week. 


It was a great motivator.  And as each week passed, the results I was seeing was another reason to keep going. 


To have continued success find an accountability partner!  One who won’t mind kicking you in the butt if you need it!

All Natur-al

185. That’s how much I weighed at my highest.  (Just typing that is a little embarrassing!)


The first and most important thing I realized when I wanted to make a change was that: to get extreme results I had to take extreme measures. 


What do I mean by extreme? I call it the “only what God made” diet.  Everyday I would pray, “God, please help me honor You with everything I put in my mouth today.”  Here is what I ate for a month and a half:







Whole grain (oatmeal)



Here’s what I didn’t eat:




Ice cream (pretty much anything with sugar!)

Anything fried

Anything processed




What did a month and a half do for me?  I lost 20 pounds.  Seriously.  Talk about needing to go shopping!  What if you did this for a month?  Two weeks?  To get extreme results you have to take extreme measures.  Think you can handle it? 


I dare you.

Back of the Rack

I went shopping last night and after spending a few minutes trying on clothes in the fitting room I had a few items that just didn’t work out.  You know the feeling…. With hope you try on that cute shirt in just the right color, thinking of just the right outfit it might go with, but to your dismay once you put it on some of that hope dies.  You put it back and leave the store depressed.  “Where’s the nearest Braums?”  (Yeah, like that’s going to help the situation!)


That happened to me last night.  Except this time it wasn’t because the items were too small… 


I used to be haunted by the letters XL and L… you know those items you can only find at the back of the rack?  Now I’m fitting into the elusive letter S and even last night I picked up a skirt with the letters XS.  Extra Small?  Really?


In my excitement I felt the urge to share how I got into the size I never thought I would reach.  So for the next few posts I will share my weight reducing tips.


I know all too well the feelings of defeat when it comes to losing weight, but I guarantee you that if I can do it, anyone can do it.  I hope and pray this inspires some of us to start a lifestyle of healthy eating.  There’s no time like the present!

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