Back of the Rack

I went shopping last night and after spending a few minutes trying on clothes in the fitting room I had a few items that just didn’t work out.  You know the feeling…. With hope you try on that cute shirt in just the right color, thinking of just the right outfit it might go with, but to your dismay once you put it on some of that hope dies.  You put it back and leave the store depressed.  “Where’s the nearest Braums?”  (Yeah, like that’s going to help the situation!)


That happened to me last night.  Except this time it wasn’t because the items were too small… 


I used to be haunted by the letters XL and L… you know those items you can only find at the back of the rack?  Now I’m fitting into the elusive letter S and even last night I picked up a skirt with the letters XS.  Extra Small?  Really?


In my excitement I felt the urge to share how I got into the size I never thought I would reach.  So for the next few posts I will share my weight reducing tips.


I know all too well the feelings of defeat when it comes to losing weight, but I guarantee you that if I can do it, anyone can do it.  I hope and pray this inspires some of us to start a lifestyle of healthy eating.  There’s no time like the present!

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