My Compartment Life

I don’t know why, but I live my life in compartments. 

I have a work compartment, a relationship compartment, a family compartment… a workout compartment, a cleaning compartment… a blog compartment and probably the worst thing… a God compartment. 

The bad thing is if I’m not completely focused on the compartment of the moment it suffers.  And what’s more, if I don’t put 100% into each compartment I feel worthless.  I wish I could just put all these compartments together and call it life, but I haven’t figured out how to do it yet. 

If someone knows, will you please tell me?  It would make my life a lot easier!

5 Responses to “My Compartment Life”

  • Call me……Mom 😉

  • Brook says:

    Hey Anna! Honestly some compartments might not be bad! I wish I had a better work compartment so that when I go home, I can go to a different compartment. I like to have a cleaning compartment too! That way I can clean at times and not freak out about it all the time! The God compartment is one of the hardest ones though. If we can get the God part to be a part in all the other compartments, then I think we are on the right track. But letting God into every compartment in our lives isn’t something that humans are the best at.

    Of course I understand I am male and we have the ability to not think about everything all at once, so take all this with a grain of salt!

  • Andy says:

    In my personal life I find that Practicing the Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ is wot keeps my life focused and full of joy; it also blurs those lines of compartmentalization. Else I lose my way completely and find I’m living my life no reason.

    At least in my experience it seems that in every moment I must keep my eyes on Yeshua and think of how whatever I am doing no matter how mundane how I can do it in such a way that I can glorify the Lord in it.

    How beautiful is it that the God of creation Loves us so much that he even wants to commune with us in the most little mundane human details of our daily lives!!

    Simple right? but believe me I know it’s one of the hardest things in life to do! yet something I believe we as followers of The Way must become grandmasters of in order to dance in the light of truth everyday and be the kind of children whom God will smile down on in delight.


  • Call me silly but don’t you need like a %1000 of you or so to put %100 of you into 7 different compartments? Suggestions…uh sure, when it comes to advice, people tell me I’m just well, you know. (grin)
    How about since yer an alien you put %1000 of you into the God compartment and let Him divvy it up? I dunno if that’s possible, not an alien here…do what Robin said. Call mom. now that’s some good advice. (grin)

  • Kim says:

    I hear you! One of my struggles is saying no. I’m learning though. Just started reading Boundaries. Maybe that will shed some light on the subject. Btw, did your mom have some good advice?

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