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A Diet NOT to follow

The youth pastor’s diet:


Monday–Breakfast: grab a quick StarBucks drink with the team. Lunch: Everyone decides to go to HunanWok, the nearby Chinese buffet. Snack: Happy hour at Sonic Dinner: SWITCH council meeting, ChickFil-A sandwiches

Tuesday–Breakfast: grab a quick protein bar. Lunch: school visit, did I eat? I don’t remember… Snack: Chips from the back kitchen at church. (I’m starving!) Dinner: Lifegroup meets tonight: chips and salsa!!

Wednesday–Breakfast: Piece of fruit! Yes! Lunch: school visit, grab a Subway sandwich. Snack: ?? yeah right. Dinner: Pizza on the go. Late night dinner: Buffalo Wild Wings with the volunteers, celebrating a great night!

Thursday–I feel like crap!

WARNING! Do NOT follow this diet. Following this diet will result in weight gain! If you don’t have a PLAN for yourself you will fail.

Time to hit the gym! What are your bad eating habits?

Keeping Pace

I do everything fast. I eat fast, I talk fast, I walk fast, and I live fast. The problem is I let my competitive spirit push me hard for a season and then I crash—nothing left, dried up, on empty.


I noticed this small downfall on a recent camping trip I took with some friends. We decided to go trail running, and of course I had it in my mind to be the fastest. We started out and I ran hard—for about five minutes. I had to stop. I couldn’t keep going. I took a break to catch my breath and started back up again.


Thankfully, Cody stayed with me, and after a couple times of stopping and starting, he had a great idea.  “Why don’t I run in front of you, and keep a steady pace?” It was hard at first, because I wanted to speed up, but every time I did I ran into Cody.  He kept me in pace, and I had to follow him.


It worked. I ran behind him the whole way, and didn’t have to stop once! I matched his footsteps and finished the run with energy to spare. Yes, we ran slower than I wanted, but in the long haul it paid off. 


I often do the same with my relationship with God—get ahead of myself, get a head of Him, instead of letting Him lead me.  I want to go fast, figure everything out right now, have all the answers, but I always end up running into Him.  It’s hard to keep the pace, but in the long haul it will always pay off.


What about any of you? Do you struggle keeping pace? Do you live life fast, slow, neutral?

Thankfulness shoot

I’m writing a couple of scripts for a video for‘s 5th and 6th grade ministry FUSE. It’s about Thankfulness

First video: What do you have to be thankful for?

Second video: How do you express your thankfulness?

Help me out! What about you?

A lot Like a Muscle

Sitting with a couple of students at Star Bucks the other day, we stumbled upon a great conversation…


“I want to be a good Christ-follower,” coming from my brand new 9th grader, “I just don’t know why it’s so hard…”


Getting to explain this to her, helped put it in simpler terms for myself…

“Well, we’re in a battle,” I explained.  “But the battle is within us.”


“There are two persons living inside, the spirit and the flesh.  The spirit is the person that loves following the Lord, saying no to temptation, and thinking of others.  The flesh is the person who is the complete opposite.”


“Then why does it feel like my flesh is always stronger?” It was a valid question, one I struggle with myself everyday.  I thought about it for a moment and then dove in.


“It’s a lot like a muscle.  What happens when you work a muscle?  It gets stronger.  What happens when you don’t exercise, or give your body the nourishment it needs?  It gets weaker.  If you want your flesh to be weak, don’t feed it.  If you want your spirit to be strong, work it out.”


This concept has really helped me in my walk with Christ.  What about you? What are some ways you “weaken the flesh” and “work out the spirit?”

Making memories, getting exercise!

Lake Overholser (in Bethany, OK) has kayaking rentals.  You can rent a kayak for $10 an hour.  It’s a lot of fun! Check it out!



This week we’ll take a look back to 2005, when I first started blogging.  God led me through a lot that year and I hope some of my thoughts will encourage you today!


(December 2005)  

I sit here with a heating pad wrapped around my foot. During a rehersal for dance last week I came down on the unfortunate limb, causing a throbbing sensation and ultimately, crutches to be employed under my arms. After two days of wobbling around I pitched the crutches and limped till the day of performance. While I probably shouldn’t have danced Thursday and Friday night I did… and now I’m paying for it, with currency spelled P-A-I-N.

Why did this happen? Why did God allow me to hurt myself, and yet still let me dance? If He wanted to humble me, why not just take away the show completely? It would be better than this half-hearted surrender I’ve had to endure. Why indeed! I may never know the answer…

We ask that three letter word often of our lives. Why didn’t I get that job? Why hasn’t prince charming, or miss princess entered my life yet? Why did he die so young? Why did this have to happen?

I still ask that question, but I’ve found the secret for not needing the answer….


Have you ever wondered how you’re percieved by other people? How do others see you when they look from afar? What do they think of you?

I’ve just moved in to a new house and for the first time I have neighbors that I know watch what’s going on. 

Yesterday, Cody and I were trying to program my garage door to the automatic button in my car. We had to test it many times, so the garage door kept rising and falling a lot like the gas has been doing lately.  I’m sure it looked silly from across the street, if you didn’t know what was really going on, or what we were trying to accomplish.  A lot could’ve been assumed, and judged by the outward display of what was visible–like our sanity. 

Doesn’t it just make you wonder how we’re perceived from afar? Or even, how we percieve others?


Toms is a shoe company that supplies shoes for children in Africa. For each pair you buy, they send one to a poor, shoeless child in need.

If you’re going to buy some anyway, why not put your money to good use?

Check out the new look, Toms Wrap Boot


Which color should I get?


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