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A lot Like a Muscle

Sitting with a couple of students at Star Bucks the other day, we stumbled upon a great conversation…


“I want to be a good Christ-follower,” coming from my brand new 9th grader, “I just don’t know why it’s so hard…”


Getting to explain this to her, helped put it in simpler terms for myself…

“Well, we’re in a battle,” I explained.  “But the battle is within us.”


“There are two persons living inside, the spirit and the flesh.  The spirit is the person that loves following the Lord, saying no to temptation, and thinking of others.  The flesh is the person who is the complete opposite.”


“Then why does it feel like my flesh is always stronger?” It was a valid question, one I struggle with myself everyday.  I thought about it for a moment and then dove in.


“It’s a lot like a muscle.  What happens when you work a muscle?  It gets stronger.  What happens when you don’t exercise, or give your body the nourishment it needs?  It gets weaker.  If you want your flesh to be weak, don’t feed it.  If you want your spirit to be strong, work it out.”


This concept has really helped me in my walk with Christ.  What about you? What are some ways you “weaken the flesh” and “work out the spirit?”

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