A Diet NOT to follow

The youth pastor’s diet:


Monday–Breakfast: grab a quick StarBucks drink with the team. Lunch: Everyone decides to go to HunanWok, the nearby Chinese buffet. Snack: Happy hour at Sonic Dinner: SWITCH council meeting, ChickFil-A sandwiches

Tuesday–Breakfast: grab a quick protein bar. Lunch: school visit, did I eat? I don’t remember… Snack: Chips from the back kitchen at church. (I’m starving!) Dinner: Lifegroup meets tonight: chips and salsa!!

Wednesday–Breakfast: Piece of fruit! Yes! Lunch: school visit, grab a Subway sandwich. Snack: ?? yeah right. Dinner: Pizza on the go. Late night dinner: Buffalo Wild Wings with the volunteers, celebrating a great night!

Thursday–I feel like crap!

WARNING! Do NOT follow this diet. Following this diet will result in weight gain! If you don’t have a PLAN for yourself you will fail.

Time to hit the gym! What are your bad eating habits?

One Response to “A Diet NOT to follow”

  • erin says:

    um, we need to talk . . . i would be in the hospital if i ate like that! YUCKO!!! you nailed it on the head though – PLAN. it’s the only way not to have to grab whatever. ok, my weakness is pizza and wine or beer. i only have these every once in a while though.

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