Keeping Pace

I do everything fast. I eat fast, I talk fast, I walk fast, and I live fast. The problem is I let my competitive spirit push me hard for a season and then I crash—nothing left, dried up, on empty.


I noticed this small downfall on a recent camping trip I took with some friends. We decided to go trail running, and of course I had it in my mind to be the fastest. We started out and I ran hard—for about five minutes. I had to stop. I couldn’t keep going. I took a break to catch my breath and started back up again.


Thankfully, Cody stayed with me, and after a couple times of stopping and starting, he had a great idea.  “Why don’t I run in front of you, and keep a steady pace?” It was hard at first, because I wanted to speed up, but every time I did I ran into Cody.  He kept me in pace, and I had to follow him.


It worked. I ran behind him the whole way, and didn’t have to stop once! I matched his footsteps and finished the run with energy to spare. Yes, we ran slower than I wanted, but in the long haul it paid off. 


I often do the same with my relationship with God—get ahead of myself, get a head of Him, instead of letting Him lead me.  I want to go fast, figure everything out right now, have all the answers, but I always end up running into Him.  It’s hard to keep the pace, but in the long haul it will always pay off.


What about any of you? Do you struggle keeping pace? Do you live life fast, slow, neutral?

5 Responses to “Keeping Pace”

  • Theresa says:

    Oh Anna,

    You are so telling my story. Well all except the part about trail running with your studly boyfriend. :)

    I find that I have to sit and wait for God alot! He always makes the waiting worth while. Sometimes it is just a lesson in rest. I like the vision of his keeping the pace and us following.

    I probably shouldn’t tell you this but I constantly ask your mom how you are. Don’t let the enemy get you. If you weren’t doing what you were suppose to be doing and doing it well. The enemy wouldn’t waste is time with you. He attacks the threats not the wishy washys. Love you lady the spirit shines through you. Stay Strong!!!

  • Ali says:

    I live life sooooooo fast. This is something I’ve been working on because I feel like I’m always busy and always in a hurry. I’m always telling my kid’s hurry we have to go. I just don’t want them to grow up always in a hurry. But it’s hard!!

  • Anna says:

    Theresa–Thank you so much for your encouragement! It means more than you know! Keep praying for me! I need it.
    Ali–I think it is important for us to not have an attitude of busyness, even though we are busy… it’s all in the heart. It IS hard!

  • Excellent marriage advice here. Following him, allowing him to set the pace. Not getting ahead and trying to lead.

    Where DO you girls get your “hurry-up”? :)

  • misti says:

    found you and mom is completely right!!:-)

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