This week we’ll take a look back to 2005, when I first started blogging.  God led me through a lot that year and I hope some of my thoughts will encourage you today!


(December 2005)  

I sit here with a heating pad wrapped around my foot. During a rehersal for dance last week I came down on the unfortunate limb, causing a throbbing sensation and ultimately, crutches to be employed under my arms. After two days of wobbling around I pitched the crutches and limped till the day of performance. While I probably shouldn’t have danced Thursday and Friday night I did… and now I’m paying for it, with currency spelled P-A-I-N.

Why did this happen? Why did God allow me to hurt myself, and yet still let me dance? If He wanted to humble me, why not just take away the show completely? It would be better than this half-hearted surrender I’ve had to endure. Why indeed! I may never know the answer…

We ask that three letter word often of our lives. Why didn’t I get that job? Why hasn’t prince charming, or miss princess entered my life yet? Why did he die so young? Why did this have to happen?

I still ask that question, but I’ve found the secret for not needing the answer….

4 Responses to “Rewind…”

  • A tough time….one of the times where my heart hurts a bit, because we were gone when it happened. :(

  • Katie says:

    I have to chuckle. . .

    “Anna, I don’t think you should dance on that”.

    “Oh, I’ll be fine, it’s not broken!”

    BAHHAHAHA. . . sorry :(

  • Kewl. Can’t wait to see the rest. Mine is “why not?”. I’ve been hobbling around on a “broke foot” for 6 weeks now. I think what’s left is just nerve damage, and I’ll have to “desensitize” it by walking off the pain that’s left.
    There’s a spiritual analogy in there somewhere. (grin)

  • aaron says:

    some days I don’t need the answer to my “why” question. but other days like an infant needing my bottle I can’t live without the answer to my “why” question. both days God is good!

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