“The better you are, or hope to become, the more specialized help you should recieve.”

Craig said this from stage on Sunday talking about making disciples. I love this idea, because I love learning. It seems a little strange to say that if you’re good at something you should seek even more help to make you better. But that takes me back to the truth that we never really stop learning. Life is school, and we’re never done being students. (At least we shouldn’t be…)

What area would you like to be better at? Where would you like to find “more specialized” help? (My thoughts are in the comments)

5 Responses to “HELP!”

  • Anna says:

    I would like to be better at leading… (within my ministry) Sometimes, scratch that, most of the time I feel inadequate to lead my team of volunteers to the specific goal I want to accomplish…

    I often feel like a chicken with my head cut off (and probably look like it too) when I’m leading them on a Wednesday night. I wish I had an abundance of leadership knowledge and nuggets that I could share with my team, to make them better… to give them the kind of ministry instincts I want them to have…

  • Kara says:

    I would like to be better at time management, for sure. I often put off things until the last minute and by then it’s all piled together!

    I think you do a great job at leading!! Of course as a leader you feel inadequate but I’m on the other side and I think you’re great!

  • I would like to learn more about music and developing my musical talent and gifting. I’ve been afraid to in the past because of fear, and I just don’t want to settle for that any more! Pray for me…

  • misti says:

    at home i would like to be a better cook for Mike. i sink at cooking- i have a few good dishes and that is it.

    also i would like to become a bettter listener. i think that would be more helpful
    and always a better runner -haha :-)

  • Dedra Smith says:

    I would like to be a better listener, and I would like to be a better friend. I want to start making time for my friends.

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