Lead a horse…

Sometimes ministry is really frustrating!!!! horse-water.jpg

It reminds me of the saying, “You can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink it.”

That’s what I’m experiencing right now. I can point the way to Christ all day long, but I can’t make my students follow Him. It’s so hard sometimes to know the Answer, share it with others, and then watch them disregard it.

My mom says I’m getting a lot of parent training. Sometimes it feels like a losing battle, but I can’t stop trying.

Do you ever feel like you’re fighting a losing battle?

12 Responses to “Lead a horse…”

  • When it comes to leading someone to follow Christ and make decisions, I have to realize I am more of a gardener. All I can control is the planting of the seed, the fertilizing, and the watering. I get frustrated as well. It is not easy to see someone ignore the answer. Unfortunately growth is not easy, especially for those of us watching.

  • ahh, Patrick. One of my favorite analogies…gardening!! See? If you stand around and watch the plant grow, you really will be discouraged. Fruit only grows on a fully developed plant. And we know Who grows those plants, right? Tending baby plants is very time consuming and we’ll tire unless we know we are called to be “gardeners”!!

    Hey…I thought we were talking about horses?

  • jimmy paravane says:

    Robin’s right. Let’s get back to horses. “You can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink it.” So, why can you lead the horse to water? Why won’t it drink? It’s simple, really. Love and trust do not equal thirst. When will the horse want you to lead it to water to drink? When it’s thirsty. (grin)
    Now let me translate that into practical spiritual guidance for you. Yeah, right. Not an alien, not your spiritual leadership, and most definitely NOT your source. And so I’ll shutup now. (grin)

  • Thirst comes from the realization that God is everything and we are nothing. I do not know why we are so stubborn but sometimes it will take experiences failing to figure that out. Free will is a catch 22. The next step would be praying continually for those who are without thirst to get thirsty. For some reason Matthew 7:6 came to mind, it sounds harsh but is true.

  • John says:

    Anna, I feel that way most of the time. I have so many people ask me for advice and insight just to turn around and blow it off when I give it to them with a biblical foundation. Sometimes I just want to throw my hands up in despair and give up. That’s when it happens though, that one person that really takes it to heart and I see their life changed. Never give up. I know I can’t.

  • You know Anna and Patrick my favorite part about the gardening analogy is that we get to water the plant! Seeing teens accept Christ is a great thing but there’s something to say about training young leaders according to His word. Their fire spreads and I often use it to re-light my own.

  • Hey there! I know you know WHO has already won the battle, and not only this particular battle but the entire war against evil and evil doers. What you might not be appropriating, is that the VICTORY is in you. It lives IN YOU! So times when you get discouraged with the pace of growth, look up, and remember how much HE loves them, and how much HE wants them to “get it”. Then remember that His Word will not return to Him empty or void of the “fruit”. And then rejoice that in DUE SEASON you will reap (the harvest of youth) if you don’t loose heart and give up. I know you know these things… sometimes it’s hard to remember them though when the enemy brings the spirit of confusion. He is doing the same thing to the youth who aren’t getting it! I pray against all evil at work in hearts and minds of our youth and leaders. In Jesus Name, I cast them back to the dry places where they belong. I cast out the spirit of fear and frustration and in it’s place speak peace and love and joy!

  • misti says:

    i know it seems like they are not listening, but i have to believe they are. You are doing a great job!! don’t give up b/c these are the time when we learn the most about Jesus and His love for us. And our ability to unconditionally love them, and to see these beautiful students through Gods eyes.
    Love ya!! and i love doing switch with ya!!!

  • Mike says:

    I agree with Misti–they look up to you and they hear you. Unfortunately, spiritually dead people can’t respond.

    John 6:65 really changed my outlook:

    “He [Jesus] went on to say, ‘This is why I told you that no one can come to me unless the Father has enabled him.'”

    It’s the Father’s burden to draw people to His Son. We proclaim the good news and plead with the Father to work in their hearts.

    Hope this helps.

  • aaron says:

    it’s not your place to get frustrated.

    When I’m frustrated like this it’s usually because…

    1. I think it’s up to me and and I’m not trusting God.
    2. I think I’ve got it all together.

    Keep up the good work Anna!

  • Anna says:

    Aaron–Thank you for those words… you’re right!
    Mike–Of course you would agree with Misti! LOL 😉 Thanks for the scriputre!
    Misti–I love doing SWITCH with you as well. You are an amazing leader!
    Victoria–Thanks for the encouraging and powerful words!
    Jake–You’re right, I’ve seen it happen before… they often relight my passion for Christ!
    John–I hope you can gain some encouragement from these comments as well
    Jimmy–Haven’t seen you around lately… Great insight (for a non-alien!)
    Robin–The gardening analogy works!
    Patrick–Thanks for always having a positive word!

  • jimmy paravane says:

    Pressure does that to you.

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