Mild dose

At our staff event last week, one of the greatest things that Bill Hybels said was that {as he looks at the current state of our society he is convinced that people are fed up with a mild dose of God.} People today are either looking for something they can give their lives to, with full force and reckless abandon, or they don’t want it at all…


I love this, because for so long I feel like we’ve tried to make Christianity look cool so that people would buy into it, while all we were really doing was watering down the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I’m so ready to share the whole gospel, the life-changing, soul shattering good news, that takes a complete life surrender. Not this lackadaisical when-I-have-time-for-him-I’ll-read-my-Bible kind of faith. It’s time for the full dose!

What do you guys think? Have we been sharing a mild dose of God? Do you find yourself taking a mild dose of God yourself?

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