SWIIIAAATCH: The extremely excited way to pronounce SWITCH–The youth ministry of Lifechurch.tv switch-glow.JPG

¬†SWITCH is tonight. I’ll be speaking live to my babies (my students from 6th-12th grade) about surrounding themselves with good friends. Pray for us tonight. I love my job!

What do you remember most about your youth group days?

3 Responses to “SWIIIAAATCH!”

  • One of my youth leaders was very passionate about God’s Word…it made a heavy impact on my life.

    AND it’s where I met your dad :)

  • I wasn’t in a youth group per say, but I was involved in youth activities through the LDS church. I remember most one of my leaders that really was interested in me as a person outside of the the group. I would often go over to her house just to “hang out” and that was really not normal for me. My church life was really not part of my real life. So I think that her influence kept me grounded in life. I was going through pretty turbulent stuff in my life at that time. I remember fondly many of the times I learned about what real life was supposed to be (in LDS culture anyway) apart from my very dysfunctional family.

  • Dedra Smith says:

    My youth group was pretty small; the name of our youth group was…..Jr. Church. How original. I remember that a lady named Lisa to pick me up each week in the church bus. I remember that the big kids used to make out on church trips. Where in the world were the adults. I guess something stuck, because I’m in Youth Ministry today.

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