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I CAN cook!

There’s been a funny joke going around my little sphere, that Anna can’t cook. Well, I’m here to prove, (to myself, more than anyone else) that I CAN cook.

I think the stigma that “I can’t cook” began because I just don’t! I don’t make time for it–I haven’t really cared to make time for it until now… So when I started to break out with the cooking itch, some people just didn’t know what to think.

My mom asked me to make the mashed potatos for our family’s Thanksgiving Day get-together. She proceeded to send me a recipe… For mashed potatoes!!! (Thanks a lot, Mom) 😉

Then, when I called Cody’s mom to ask what I could bring to their family’s get-together, she said she wasn’t sure and asked if she could call me back. The next day I get a call and she asked me to bring… Cool Whip. Yep, Cool Whip!! Because I’m sure I can’t skrew THAT up!

I can just see the conversations between Cody’s mom and sister, “Can Anna cook?” “I don’t know.” “What should we have her bring?” “Um… how about Cool Whip?”  “Yeah, Cool Whip, who could mess up Cool Whip?”

Ok, I know they didn’t have that conversation, but it’s made me and the people I love laugh really hard this week! So to prove them all wrong…. TaDa!! I baked! Pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting! AND pumpkin bars! (couldn’t get a picture of those… they went too fast!)  


Aren’t you proud of me? What should I cook next? Any food you particularly like to make?

Rate Your Spiritual Maturity!

How do you rate your spiritual maturity?


Is it based on how many verses of the Bible you can quote? Maybe it’s rated on how long you’ve been a Christ-follower, or how often you attend church?

A friend of mine, trudging through the confusing world of dating, asked me this question last night. “How can you tell if someone is spiritually mature enough to date and possibly be a mate?”

Here are some of my thoughts: I’ve heard it said that spiritual maturity has nothing to do with knowledge. It has nothing to do with how many books of the Bible you’ve read or how long you’ve been a Christ-follower. Spiritual maturity is all about obedience.

Cody is one of the most obedient people I know. His relationship with Christ is not a raise-your-hands-in-worship, expressive, or out-in-the-open relationship like mine tends to be. His relationship with Christ is firmly planted in solid obedience. Yesterday, I was struggling to go to a school visit. Spending two hours at a school lunch is very draining and takes the energy right out of me. I called him looking for some encouragement. What did I get? A firm reminder:

“Who are you doing this for?” OUCH. “It’s not about you.” He’s right.

It’s about obedience.

So, how do you rate your spiritual maturity?  What are your thoughts?

Please, Have a Plan…

I just sat on my living room floor holding one of my 9th grade girls trying to explain to her why…

Why she was placed in the family situation she’s in… Why her parents are separated… Why her mom can’t seem to show her the love her gasping heart is crying for…

I couldn’t give her a clear answer. Just that God knew why, and He has a plan.

I hope He does because I ache for these students. Tears blur the screen as I write. Now, I’m just bawling…


Why was I chosen to live in a loving family when hundreds of my students don’t even know what love is? Why do I live in a house and have plenty of food in the fridge when some of my students don’t have groceries for tomorrow? Why was I chosen to have a loving father, and not one who took his freedom too far and touched me inappropriately? Why is it easy for me to trust in a loving God when one of my students just blantantly stated: I don’t believe in God.

Why? WHY? I hope there is an answer. I KNOW there is an answer. Please, PLEASE lift up a prayer for the hurting students in the Northwest Oklahoma City area. (Especially the PCO district. They seem to struggle the most.)

What about you?

The weekend has officially started for me! Here’s what’s going on in the next couple weeks:

  • No SWITCH the 26th of November. We’ll be enjoying family for Thanksgiving!
  • Cody, his mom and sister and I will be driving to San Diego California Tuesday night December 2nd. We’re watching their cousin graduate from boot camp. I’ve never been to Cali… can’t wait!
  • My car is out of the shop! It wasn’t as expensive as I thought!
  • Turned down the job at WalMart (part time for some extra income) I feel good about it. I’m going to look into Star Bucks
  • Cody and I are seven months strong. We’re having a lot of fun together right now! I’m loved!
  • Looking forward to the last week of Practical Atheist at this weekend.

What about you? What’s going on in your life right now?


How do you make decisions?


A long time ago, a youth pastor of mine taught me the best way to make decisions. I was a Jr. in High school at the time and getting ready to make a bunch of decisions that would pave the course for the rest of my life. Here’s what he told me:

“When making a decision, pray. Which ever choice God gives you peace with, go with that decision.”

It has guided me through my life ever since. Any time I need to make a decison, I pray, wait, and see where the peace lays. I usually know pretty quickly what I need to do.

So, how do you make decisions?

About Anna

I’m Anna. 

I love life.

I love love. 

I try to live my life to the fullest everyday, which isn’t hard considering I love my job, my family, my friends.  I enjoy writing immensly, but have no idea how to spell.  I hate frogs, and besides being alone for the rest of my life, they’re my only fear. I recently starting dating Cody Light, and that fear of being alone for the rest of my life is slowly going away. We’ve been dating for seven months and I fall in love with him more everyday.

I’m the associate youth pastor of the Northwest OKC campus of and also the biggest coffee consumer this side of the West.  I love to learn, and what’s more I love to share what I’m learning. 

My biggest accomplishment is losing 75 pounds! Not only that but through the journey of my weight loss, I have discovered the secret of overcoming insecurity. I have dedicated my life to the study of insecurity and how to help others experience the freedom God has given me. I hope that through this blog you will be challenged, encouraged and set free by the truth of God’s word.

Please contact me:

Twitter @annaj_01

Facebook  Anna Meadows

MySpace Anna Meadows

Introducing AM Ministries

Hello everyone!

As you can see has been under construction. With the new skin I hope to develop new posts that will speak to your heart and life.

My vision is to take my message of overcoming insecurity globally, so that many more people can experience the freedom as I have.

I need your prayers. I need your support.

I can’t wait to see what God does!

Follow me on Twitter @annaj_01

I have no Explanation


This is my car.

A friend saw this and before he knew the story, asked if someone had broken into my car.

I wish that had been the case. Here’s what really happened…

My garage door hasn’t been working properly. Everytime it starts to go down, it gets stuck. So I have to help it down by pulling on it because the springs are too tight. Yesterday morning, as I was headed to work, I knew I had to jump out of my car real quick to help the garage door down once I had backed out. What I didn’t think about was the fact that I didn’t shut my door all the way. As I backed out, my open door caught the edge of the garage door track and mangled both my car door and my garage door!

A $1400 estimate later, I’m riding around with a JANK window trying to stay warm!

I have no Explanation…

The best!

Well, my computer isn’t all the way fixed, but my internet is up and running!

The greatest BF in the world stayed up all evening last night getting it working for me…

Aren’t I lucky?


Stupid computer

My computer has been freezing every time I try to write a blog. Please bear with me as I work this thing out… lots of great thoughts to come!

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