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Please, Have a Plan…

I just sat on my living room floor holding one of my¬†9th grade girls trying to explain to her why…

Why she was placed in the family situation she’s in… Why her parents are separated… Why her mom can’t seem to show her the love her gasping heart is crying for…

I couldn’t give her a clear answer. Just that God knew why, and He has a plan.

I hope He does because I ache for these students. Tears blur the screen as I write. Now, I’m just bawling…


Why was I chosen to live in a loving family when hundreds of my students don’t even know what love is? Why do I live in a house and have plenty of food in the fridge when some of my students don’t have groceries for tomorrow? Why was I chosen to have a loving father, and not one who took his freedom too far and touched me inappropriately? Why is it easy for me to trust in a loving God when one of my students just blantantly stated: I don’t believe in God.

Why? WHY? I hope there is an answer. I KNOW there is an answer. Please, PLEASE lift up a prayer for the hurting students in the Northwest Oklahoma City area. (Especially the PCO district. They seem to struggle the most.)

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