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Rate Your Spiritual Maturity!

How do you rate your spiritual maturity?


Is it based on how many verses of the Bible you can quote? Maybe it’s rated on how long you’ve been a Christ-follower, or how often you attend church?

A friend of mine, trudging through the confusing world of dating, asked me this question last night. “How can you tell if someone is spiritually mature enough to date and possibly be a mate?”

Here are some of my thoughts: I’ve heard it said that spiritual maturity has nothing to do with knowledge. It has nothing to do with how many books of the Bible you’ve read or how long you’ve been a Christ-follower. Spiritual maturity is all about obedience.

Cody is one of the most obedient people I know. His relationship with Christ is not a raise-your-hands-in-worship, expressive, or out-in-the-open relationship like mine tends to be. His relationship with Christ is firmly planted in solid obedience. Yesterday, I was struggling to go to a school visit. Spending two hours at a school lunch is very draining and takes the energy right out of me. I called him looking for some encouragement. What did I get? A firm reminder:

“Who are you doing this for?” OUCH. “It’s not about you.” He’s right.

It’s about obedience.

So, how do you rate your spiritual maturity?  What are your thoughts?

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