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I CAN cook!

There’s been a funny joke going around my little sphere, that Anna can’t cook. Well, I’m here to prove, (to myself, more than anyone else) that I CAN cook.

I think the stigma that “I can’t cook” began because I just don’t! I don’t make time for it–I haven’t really cared to make time for it until now… So when I started to break out with the cooking itch, some people just didn’t know what to think.

My mom asked me to make the mashed potatos for our family’s Thanksgiving Day get-together. She proceeded to send me a recipe… For mashed potatoes!!! (Thanks a lot, Mom) 😉

Then, when I called Cody’s mom to ask what I could bring to their family’s get-together, she said she wasn’t sure and asked if she could call me back. The next day I get a call and she asked me to bring… Cool Whip. Yep, Cool Whip!! Because I’m sure I can’t skrew THAT up!

I can just see the conversations between Cody’s mom and sister, “Can Anna cook?” “I don’t know.” “What should we have her bring?” “Um… how about Cool Whip?”  “Yeah, Cool Whip, who could mess up Cool Whip?”

Ok, I know they didn’t have that conversation, but it’s made me and the people I love laugh really hard this week! So to prove them all wrong…. TaDa!! I baked! Pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting! AND pumpkin bars! (couldn’t get a picture of those… they went too fast!)  


Aren’t you proud of me? What should I cook next? Any food you particularly like to make?

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