I CAN cook!

There’s been a funny joke going around my little sphere, that Anna can’t cook. Well, I’m here to prove, (to myself, more than anyone else) that I CAN cook.

I think the stigma that “I can’t cook” began because I just don’t! I don’t make time for it–I haven’t really cared to make time for it until now… So when I started to break out with the cooking itch, some people just didn’t know what to think.

My mom asked me to make the mashed potatos for our family’s Thanksgiving Day get-together. She proceeded to send me a recipe… For mashed potatoes!!! (Thanks a lot, Mom) 😉

Then, when I called Cody’s mom to ask what I could bring to their family’s get-together, she said she wasn’t sure and asked if she could call me back. The next day I get a call and she asked me to bring… Cool Whip. Yep, Cool Whip!! Because I’m sure I can’t skrew THAT up!

I can just see the conversations between Cody’s mom and sister, “Can Anna cook?” “I don’t know.” “What should we have her bring?” “Um… how about Cool Whip?”  “Yeah, Cool Whip, who could mess up Cool Whip?”

Ok, I know they didn’t have that conversation, but it’s made me and the people I love laugh really hard this week! So to prove them all wrong…. TaDa!! I baked! Pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting! AND pumpkin bars! (couldn’t get a picture of those… they went too fast!)  


Aren’t you proud of me? What should I cook next? Any food you particularly like to make?

18 Responses to “I CAN cook!”

  • Hope says:

    Oh Anna… cool whip? I love to cook, I do it all the time, but my family still asks me to bring cokes to everything! By the way, those cookies look amazing. Cream cheese icing is my favorite!

  • Kyndal says:

    Yum! Those look delicious. I agree with Hope; I’m a sucker for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING cream cheese. Your new blog layout looks great, by the way! Miss you, girl.

  • Anna says:

    Hope–Haha… coke… that is funny!
    Kyndal–Miss you too!!!

  • Ali says:

    Good job! They look good. I’ll have to send you some recipes, I’ve got tons!

  • nicole knox says:

    they look really good=)

  • Once you get the mashed potato recipe down I can send you a recipe for grilled cheese, and another for eggs. As the old saying goes “The way to Cody’s (oops I mean a man’s) heart is through his stomach.” HA HA

  • ~abi~ says:

    the treats you made were yummy! :)

  • erin says:

    Are you sure you made those? Or did you google a picture of pumpkin cookies??? I better warn Cody’s mom about you bringing cool whip. That could be a disaster!! ha ha – I can’t wait to see how the potatoes turn out.

  • Jacob Meadows says:

    Are those edible?

  • Jacob Meadows says:

    So I think when you were writing this about the cool whip that you were probably saying “Cool Whhhip.”

  • Anna Meadows says:

    Jacob- very funny!! Have fun cleaning up that toilet paper!
    Patrick– thanks! Eggs are pretty hard to make! 😉
    Abi- thanks! And thank you for the back massage last night!
    Erin- I don’t appreciate that ONE bit! Haha! See you tomorrow!

  • Theresa says:

    I have total faith in your abilities to cook. I think that you are like me, it isn’t that we can’t cook – but why bother when we are so well taken care of by others. No sense getting dirty. LOL

    How is this….I would love to see your house. So when I come in February I will let you cook me dinner. Really I will. :) Isn’t that great of me to invite myself over. LOL

    Have a great Thanksgiving!!! You make me smile!

  • D.A. says:

    The mashed potatoes were absolutely great. You can cook for me anytime you want.

  • joAnn says:

    Oh Anna, you are too cute!
    What about the yummy Grilled Asparagus w/Prosciutto and the Baked Alaska??? OMG – they were soooooooooooooo good!

    I too can cook but don’t take the time to unless it is necessary. You have to admit cool whip is also flawless!!! Your time to cook will come and you can cook for all of us!!!

    It is sad when we make ‘our’ dishes and don’t want to give it up!! It was kind of funny when I turned to Jess and said – Anna wants to bring a green bean casserole and she said – no , I always make that – you know the one with mushrooms?!? I certainly did know she made it w/mushrooms.

    I am so glad you came over to the huge extended family – you are awesome!!

  • Okay Anna, in all fairness to you, we totally didn’t ask you to bring Coolwhip because we didn’t think you couldn’t cook, you goofball! We just wanted you to come and enjoy our amazing family with no food requirements! We sure do love having you in our lives…you are so fun, so loving and so….us! I am loving getting to know you and your heart…love u! Jess

  • Anna says:

    DA–Thanks! They turned out pretty good!
    JoAnn–Haha! It was fun hanging with you guys. The Asparagus was great, but Cody made the baked Alaska Ice cream pie… I have to give credit where credit is due!
    Jess–I know you didn’t ask me to bring CoolWhip cause you thought I couldn’t cook, it just made a really funny blog!! I really love spending time with you guys. Can’t wait for Christmas!

  • Yes, the mashed potatoes were outstanding! I think they’re all gone now….all 10#’s of them! :(

    And my disclaimer on the mashed potato recipe—-it was ONLY for quantity/servings per pound. After all….that was a LOT of people to cook for!

    I’m so glad you have a new family loving and embracing you….it makes my heart smile.

    And…hey! You can bring the asparagus/proscuitto to our dinners anytime you want!

    Looking forward to many more years of your cooking :)

  • Abbi says:

    Glad to hear the potatoes turned out great! I knew you could do it! :)

    Oh, and the new picture is just STUNNING. You are such a beauty! Love you!

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