I have no Explanation


This is my car.

A friend saw this and before he knew the story, asked if someone had broken into my car.

I wish that had been the case. Here’s what really happened…

My garage door hasn’t been working properly. Everytime it starts to go down, it gets stuck. So I have to help it down by pulling on it because the springs are too tight. Yesterday morning, as I was headed to work, I knew I had to jump out of my car real quick to help the garage door down once I had backed out. What I didn’t think about was the fact that I didn’t shut my door all the way. As I backed out, my open door caught the edge of the garage door track and mangled both my car door and my garage door!

A $1400 estimate later, I’m riding around with a JANK window trying to stay warm!

I have no Explanation…

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