Please, Have a Plan…

I just sat on my living room floor holding one of my¬†9th grade girls trying to explain to her why…

Why she was placed in the family situation she’s in… Why her parents are separated… Why her mom can’t seem to show her the love her gasping heart is crying for…

I couldn’t give her a clear answer. Just that God knew why, and He has a plan.

I hope He does because I ache for these students. Tears blur the screen as I write. Now, I’m just bawling…


Why was I chosen to live in a loving family when hundreds of my students don’t even know what love is? Why do I live in a house and have plenty of food in the fridge when some of my students don’t have groceries for tomorrow? Why was I chosen to have a loving father, and not one who took his freedom too far and touched me inappropriately? Why is it easy for me to trust in a loving God when one of my students just blantantly stated: I don’t believe in God.

Why? WHY? I hope there is an answer. I KNOW there is an answer. Please, PLEASE lift up a prayer for the hurting students in the Northwest Oklahoma City area. (Especially the PCO district. They seem to struggle the most.)

8 Responses to “Please, Have a Plan…”

  • aaron says:

    I’ve found the “why” questions to be a dead end. God only knows….however the “what” questions seem to lead somewhere.
    Love you, keep doing it Anna!!!!

  • Theresa says:

    OH My Friend, My heart breaks with you for those beautiful children. I am so sorry for your pain as the leader too. Stay strong and remember that the Lord put YOU in their lives for this very thing. To show them what LOVE is. To show them what CARING is. To show them where GOD’S LOVE can lead. You are their connection, their constant.

    Love them like Jesus….as you have been.
    Truly Loving You All The Way From CA!!
    My Prayers abound for all your TEENS!!

  • Hope says:

    Can I just second that? These girls break my heart, but I know that we are doing amazing things (even when it seems like we are spooning water out of a sinking boat)! I just wish I could protect them all from their lives. Unfortunately, all we can do is love them through their lives. I pray with you. Oh, how these kids have taught me to pray!

  • Anna says:

    Hope–I couldn’t agree more!
    Theresa–Thank you, thank you! You are a HUGE support. You don’t even know…
    Aaron–Thank you for your prayers… I know you’re right… The “what” always leads somewhere… if I could just get them to see it too!

  • God HAS a plan! And YOU are part of it in these kids’ lives—that’s why He’s called you to do what you do (there’s the “what”). Your example will have a huge impact on them (just as your youth leaders had in your own life)…..Keep on keepin’ on!!

    I’m praying. Love you. :)

  • Helena says:

    Hope, I do not know if it will help but I would be more than happy to speak to this young lady or if there is many. My childhood was nothing like I had wanted it…I listen to people like you and pray why I didn’t have that wonderful unbringing. I still do not know why..but I can tell you that if I would have had someone like you or any of the leaders that cared for me like you guys have….I meant not have done some of the things I have done. I feel God has put me in this situation so that I am able to understand what others have been through…If you name something…I am sure most likely it has happen to me or I have done it. I feel blessed that I am part of a church that cares so deeply for their kids…You guys do a great job!!!

  • Helena says:

    I am so sorry….I do mean Anna….I am thinking about small group tonight….LOL

  • ~abi~ says:

    anna, you are a lovely soul, and these teens are so blessed to have you in their life!

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