Rate Your Spiritual Maturity!

How do you rate your spiritual maturity?


Is it based on how many verses of the Bible you can quote? Maybe it’s rated on how long you’ve been a Christ-follower, or how often you attend church?

A friend of mine, trudging through the confusing world of dating, asked me this question last night. “How can you tell if someone is spiritually mature enough to date and possibly be a mate?”

Here are some of my thoughts: I’ve heard it said that spiritual maturity has nothing to do with knowledge. It has nothing to do with how many books of the Bible you’ve read or how long you’ve been a Christ-follower. Spiritual maturity is all about obedience.

Cody is one of the most obedient people I know. His relationship with Christ is not a raise-your-hands-in-worship, expressive, or out-in-the-open relationship like mine tends to be. His relationship with Christ is firmly planted in solid obedience. Yesterday, I was struggling to go to a school visit. Spending two hours at a school lunch is very draining and takes the energy right out of me. I called him looking for some encouragement. What did I get? A firm reminder:

“Who are you doing this for?” OUCH. “It’s not about you.” He’s right.

It’s about obedience.

So, how do you rate your spiritual maturity?  What are your thoughts?

12 Responses to “Rate Your Spiritual Maturity!”

  • I dont think I will or can afford to rate my spiritually maturity because then I might just be tempted to say, “Great job Patrick, take a break, you have worked really hard”. I struggle with humility especially when I see the products of my obedience. I will never be able to afford to pay my spiritual debt. Christ is everything and that is the only reason I am something. He must increase and I must decrease. I just hope that I can kick my self’s butt everyday so Christ can use me effectively.

  • misti says:

    I love that Cody!! He is right on…. good leadership qualities too… hum… something to think about!!:-) Have a beautiful Thanksgiving!!

    And i will be spritual maturity when i came read the whole bible in one day!! no not really… i made that up b/c i have no idea how to rate it…

  • Hope says:

    I have know idea what I “rank” though. All I know is that I am more obedient than I was a year ago, that I am more sensitive to God’s voice than I was 6 months ago, and that I am daily hiding more scripture in my heart than I was 3 months ago. I think obedience is the most visible sign, though. Doesn’t 1 John say that we know who are children of God by their obedience?

  • D.A. says:

    “That boy” is all right. I agree with Misti, he is a quiet firm leader and well grounded. As far as spiritual maturity I have found it is and can be all over the place at different times of our life and usually when we are going through things. As far as seeing it in someone else like somebody your dating, good luck. Time going by is the only way you can experience with that person all the emotions and ups and downs that maturity reveals. Also the early part of dating together is usually so unreal because of wanting to impress or having insecuities.

  • Anna says:

    DA–That’s exactly what I told my friend… hahaha! We must think alike! Good thoughts!
    Hope–I’m so glad. I can see the growth in you! Keep it up.
    Misti–You are so funny! You are an inspiration to me in Christ!
    Patrick–I know what you mean! Thanks for the thoughts.

  • Kara says:

    I think I’m a baby as far as spiritual maturity goes… and I think sometimes I cling to that so I can use it as an excuse when I’m not as obedient…

    Time to grow up, I’m afraid!


  • Mike says:

    I agree with Patrick (but not before I agree with Misti). Humility and surrender are important. I can be proud of my obedience.

    I’ll quote one of my favorite preachers, John MacArthur:

    “Humility…what does it require?

    Much prayer for the death of pride. Don’t ever think you will be easily humbled, it takes much prayer…much prayer.

    Secondly, it takes much rejection of praise…much rejection of praise.

    Thirdly, it takes much confession of sin.

    But fourthly, it takes much confidence in a caring God.”

  • ~abi~ says:

    sometimes i feel spiritually mature because i’ve been in church my entire life and i’ve “heard it all”. but then other times, i feel just like a wobbly toddler in my walk w/ God.

  • ~abi~ says:

    ps yay for the hot new pic! 😉

  • Kim says:

    Growing up, I could quote verses like nobody’s business. I was the champ of looking up scriptures before everyone else. I was also incredibly prideful and arrogant. Like Craig talked about this week, I had a head knowledge of God but not a heart knowledge. I was missing who God truly was by about 8 inches. I thought I was spiritually mature because, after all, I was doing better than a lot of other people. Maybe the mark of spiritual maturity is when we stop comparing ourselves to others, and look solely to the opinion of the One.

  • Cute pic….did the Fabulous ~Abi ~take that? :)

  • Anna says:

    Kara–Growing up in Christ is awesome and HARD… I’m still growing everyday
    Mike–Thanks for the quote, I love it!
    Abi–I know what you mean!
    Kim–I totally understand about the head knowledge/heart knowledge thing… it took me a while to learn it too. Growing up in a Christ-centered family taught me a lot of head knowledge before I was even old enough to make it reach my heart. I’m glad for it though. God knew what he was doing…

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