The best!

Well, my computer isn’t all the way fixed, but my internet is up and running!

The greatest BF in the world stayed up all evening last night getting it working for me…

Aren’t I lucky?


4 Responses to “The best!”

  • Hope says:

    I KNOW he is lucky! You MAY be lucky!

  • ~abi~ says:

    that’s sweet!

  • Abbi says:

    Is he checking “Fix Anna’s internet” off his To-Do List? 😉

  • jimmy paravane says:

    I do this for friends & family all the time. Some of them offer to pay and I politely decline. They couldn’t afford me. Never underestimate or under-appreciate this until you add up the man hours and compare what a shop would charge you. Of course a shop would simply format c: and reinstall the OS…can you say buhbye pics, music and documents? My famous weakness is forgetting the sequence of reboots. Is it router first and then modem? argh! leggo mah IP! (grin)

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