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The Battle–Concluded

Kidesk looks at this master and sees his jaw clench and unclench in anxious aggression.

It is true. Kidesk knows and has seen the effect of the saint’s prayers in action. He’s also seen the effects of the lack of them too.

Before Kidesk could answer a second in command from another battalion runs up to them. “Commander,” he gasps, winded from running from another region of the field. Sweat drips off him and black soot covers his face. “The battle is failing. Death and Despair are overshadowing us.” He pauses, his chest still heaving. “Sixty warriors have already fallen… they fought a good fight.” His voice holds sorrow.

Aaronon turns to Kidesk, “Tell the warriors to assemble.”

With that command Kidesk runs down the hill.

Aaronon turns to the soldier, saying, “Tell your commander we are not far from his aid and also, tell the Guardians to press in to the ones they keep. We need the prayers of the saints for strength.”

The soldier takes off running down the opposite side of the hill, toward the sound of the cannons. Aaronon turns to the warriors below him. They stand ready, always ready.

“Warriors,” his booming voice falls over the anxious army. “We will overcome these forces!” At his statement the soldiers cheer loudly, pumping their fisted arms in the air.

“Soak up the strength that is coming from the prayers of the saints. Do not be afraid or discouraged because of the vast army of the Evil One. For the battle is not theirs, but it is the Lord’s.”

The warriors are ready, their excitement and ascertainment cannot be contained. With one last look at Kidesk, a look of affirmation, Aaronon draws his sword from the sheath. The warriors, following his example, pull out their own weapons with a battle cry that shakes the ground beneath them.

“We are more than conquerors!” Aaronon shouts.

The army rushes, their commander leading them to do what they are made to do.

The Battle–Continued

Walking above the ranks, atop a small hill, commander Aaronon surveys his men. His jaw clenches as he looks down at the tablet in his thick hands. His second in command stands loyally beside him. The young lieutenant waits for his leader to finish pondering the strategy that they had developed together and ask another question.

“The battalion is ready?” The commander asks, not looking up from his tablet.

“Always ready sir,” his apprentice replies.

Aaronon slowly turns his gaze to the lieutenant and just as slowly turns to look over his army. He closes his eyes as if feeling something inside. “We are weak in prayer,” he says sadly, opening his eyes once more to the misty field below him.

“Yes,” the young soldier says, following Aaronon’s gaze to the clumps of warriors.

“Let me tell you something, Kidesk, and don’t ever forget that our biggest enemy is not the dark forces we are fighting in battle, but it is the children of God who don’t know or don’t want to accept the fact that there really is a war being fought.”

The Battle–A Piece of Fiction

For the next few days I will post pieces of a fictional story I wrote around my passion for spiritual warfare. Enjoy!

The Battle

A piece of fiction…


Above a skyless clearing is a field that the human eye cannot see. Righteous and evil blood, shed from battle makes the cold air taste bitter. In the distance cannons fire and black smoke, never settling, rises past the snow-covered trees.

Under the haze of the fog camps a battalion of 100 soldiers, preparing for their next battle. Gold plated swords clang as two warriors practice their maneuvers. Their grunts rise from breast plated chests as the two heave their weapons perfecting their art. Other warriors, their comrades, stand around them watching and learning from the observation. The soldiers stand ready, always ready. Their helmets are held under sinewy arms, while the rest of their bodies remain ready in armor. Their long locks of brown, gold, white and black hair, curl from the dew that appears from no where. Each soldier in this gathering, glisten from sweat, and their breaths come out in labored puffs of steam.

A few feet away three warriors sit on the dying grass. From deep and fiercely strong voices, the brothers speak words of encouragement, inspiring and reassuring each other for the coming conflict. The fog is thick with anxious tension as small groups of soldiers sit or stand, gathering warmth from the closeness of their bodies.

Stay tuned for more of the story…

Signs of Insecurity #3

Another sign of insecurity is:

#3 Not Taking a Compliment

There are several reasons why people have such a hard time receiving a compliment here are a few of those reasons:

  • They don’t believe anything about themselves is good
  • They defer the compliment so the person giving it will just give more, and try to convince them

What else would you add? Do you have a hard time receiving a compliment?

Signs of Insecurity #2

Another sign of insecurity is:

#2 Offering unsolicited information…

  • When I worked at Range Resources Corp. (before my co-workers would often come into the kitchen to get candy. I was there sorting mail, and they would tell me why they were getting into the chocolate… As if I had asked for an explanation.
  • Another example is when some of my co-workers would pass me, leaving a little early for the day and feel the need to explain why they were skipping out… as if I had asked… or cared.

Offering unsolicited information shows insecurity because the offender seems to think every-one’s mind is on them. It also shows an underlying need for approval, as if the persons decision to do something is not enough, they need others to consent, or tell them it’s okay…

What about you? Do you often find yourself offering unsolicited information? Do you needlessly reveal the motives behind your actions when you really just need to live your life without explanation or the need for approval?

Discuss your thoughts.

Signs of Insecurity

As I’ve studied insecurity over the past couple years, I’ve discovered there are some very practical ways to spot someone who is insecure. This week I’ll reveal some of those ways… See if you find yourself in any of them, and find out how to overcome it!

 Sign #1 Taking Things Too Personally

  • No one can joke around with you because your feelings are bound to get hurt…
  • You’re too sensitive…
  • Any kind of constructive criticism feels like the end of the world…

What else do you want to add? Do you see yourself in this sign?

Visual Story

…And now please enjoy this visual story of our trip to SanDiego!

We drove for almost 20 hours before we saw this…


So we decided to get out and take our picture…

sandiegofix2.JPGJoAnn (Cody’s mom) Me, and Cody!

We made it to our hotel, enjoyed a night in Old Town and were ready for Family Day at the Base!

sandiegofix3.JPGWe watched as over 500 hundred young men reported to their Drill Sergents. One last day till graduation!

sandiegofix4.JPG Honor, Courage and Commitment… there is nothing quite like a United States Marine! Semper Fi!

sandiegofix5.JPGWe saw this big ship called the USS MidWay…

sandiegofix6.JPG… and then reenacted this huge statue!!! (SanDiego Bay)

sandiegofix7.JPGWe hightailed it over to Coronado Beach…

sandiegofix8.JPG… and put our feet in the water… it was chilly!

sandiegofix9.JPG Enjoyed watching the sites!! (Isn’t he dreamy?)

sandiegofix10.JPG Graduation was the next day… America’s newest Marines!

sandiegofix11.JPGThank a Marine for fighting for our freedom…

We visited Laguna Beach, but all those pictures are on Cody’s phone… We packed up and left VERY early the next morning…

sandiegofix12.JPGMade a little pit stop at the Grand Canyon!!

And then drove…. and drove… and drove…

I got bored…


Really bored…


But we had a great time… the weather was PERFECT and I couldn’t have asked for a better trip! Looking forward to the next one!

What are some memorable trips you’ve taken? Any vacations in the works for next year?

Soakin’ Up the Sun in Cali

That’s right! Today we’ll be leaving for San Diego, California! Here is what we’ll be seeing:

 cali4.jpg San Diego skyline

coro.jpg Coronado Beach

pendleton.jpgCamp Pendleton

And much, much more!

I’ll keep you posted on our travels and adventures.

Follow me here at or on Twitter for updates!

Fairy Dust and Talents

I have a confession to make:

Last night I watched The Disney Channel’s premiere of TinkerBell.


In my defense I had one of my student’s over and she was the one watching. (Ok, so I left it on after she left, so really I have nothing to say… I’m actually a huge sucker for anything Disney and fairy tales… But don’t tell anyone.) The reason I kept watching was that the storyline really spoke to me.

It was all about finding your talent. TinkerBell is a tinker fairy and the talent she was born into was tinkering–fixing things and creating new things out of the old… The problem was, TinkerBell didn’t like the talent she was given and spent half the movie trying to be some fairy she was not. The story ends when Tink finally discovers she was made to work within the talent she was given. It was a great little story and left me thinking…

What about us? No, we’re not fairies, but we were given special talents when God created us. I wonder how many of us are not working within those special talents? What were we made to do? Each one of us is different.

I was created to minister to people toward freedom in Christ, through speaking, writing and loving… Do I do that everyday? No, but I believe I’m in the perfect job to make that talent and purpose happen everyday, but it’s my choice to work within my God-given talent.

What about you? What do you feel your God-given talent is? What do you feel you were created to do? Do you think you’re working within your God-given talent at this time in your life?

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