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Fairy Dust and Talents

I have a confession to make:

Last night I watched The Disney Channel’s premiere of TinkerBell.


In my defense I had one of my student’s over and she was the one watching. (Ok, so I left it on after she left, so really I have nothing to say… I’m actually a huge sucker for anything Disney and fairy tales… But don’t tell anyone.) The reason I kept watching was that the storyline really spoke to me.

It was all about finding your talent. TinkerBell is a tinker fairy and the talent she was born into¬†was tinkering–fixing things and creating new things out of the old… The problem was, TinkerBell didn’t like the talent she was given and spent half the movie trying to be some fairy she was not. The story ends when Tink finally discovers she was made to work within the talent she was given. It was a great little story and left me thinking…

What about us? No, we’re not fairies, but we were given special talents when God created us. I wonder how many of us are not working within those special talents? What were we made to do? Each one of us is different.

I was created to minister to people toward freedom in Christ, through speaking, writing and loving… Do I do that everyday? No, but I believe I’m in the perfect job to make that talent and purpose happen everyday, but it’s my choice to work within my God-given talent.

What about you? What do you feel your God-given talent is? What do you feel you were created to do? Do you think you’re working within your God-given talent at this time in your life?

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