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The Battle–A Piece of Fiction

For the next few days I will post pieces of a fictional story I wrote around my passion for spiritual warfare. Enjoy!

The Battle

A piece of fiction…


Above a skyless clearing is a field that the human eye cannot see. Righteous and evil blood, shed from battle makes the cold air taste bitter. In the distance cannons fire and black smoke, never settling, rises past the snow-covered trees.

Under the haze of the fog camps a battalion of 100 soldiers, preparing for their next battle. Gold plated swords clang as two warriors practice their maneuvers. Their grunts rise from breast plated chests as the two heave their weapons perfecting their art. Other warriors, their comrades, stand around them watching and learning from the observation. The soldiers stand ready, always ready. Their helmets are held under sinewy arms, while the rest of their bodies remain ready in armor. Their long locks of brown, gold, white and black hair, curl from the dew that appears from no where. Each soldier in this gathering, glisten from sweat, and their breaths come out in labored puffs of steam.

A few feet away three warriors sit on the dying grass. From deep and fiercely strong voices, the brothers speak words of encouragement, inspiring and reassuring each other for the coming conflict. The fog is thick with anxious tension as small groups of soldiers sit or stand, gathering warmth from the closeness of their bodies.

Stay tuned for more of the story…

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