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The Battle–Continued

Walking above the ranks, atop a small hill, commander Aaronon surveys his men. His jaw clenches as he looks down at the tablet in his thick hands. His second in command stands loyally beside him. The young lieutenant waits for his leader to finish pondering the strategy that they had developed together and ask another question.

“The battalion is ready?” The commander asks, not looking up from his tablet.

“Always ready sir,” his apprentice replies.

Aaronon slowly turns his gaze to the lieutenant and just as slowly turns to look over his army. He closes his eyes as if feeling something inside. “We are weak in prayer,” he says sadly, opening his eyes once more to the misty field below him.

“Yes,” the young soldier says, following Aaronon’s gaze to the clumps of warriors.

“Let me tell you something, Kidesk, and don’t ever forget that our biggest enemy is not the dark forces we are fighting in battle, but it is the children of God who don’t know or don’t want to accept the fact that there really is a war being fought.”

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