Signs of Insecurity #2

Another sign of insecurity is:

#2 Offering unsolicited information…

  • When I worked at Range Resources Corp. (before my co-workers would often come into the kitchen to get candy. I was there sorting mail, and they would tell me why they were getting into the chocolate… As if I had asked for an explanation.
  • Another example is when some of my co-workers would pass me, leaving a little early for the day and feel the need to explain why they were skipping out… as if I had asked… or cared.

Offering unsolicited information shows insecurity because the offender seems to think every-one’s mind is on them. It also shows an underlying need for approval, as if the persons decision to do something is not enough, they need others to consent, or tell them it’s okay…

What about you? Do you often find yourself offering unsolicited information? Do you needlessly reveal the motives behind your actions when you really just need to live your life without explanation or the need for approval?

Discuss your thoughts.

One Response to “Signs of Insecurity #2”

  • rachel Cobb says:

    Don’t you think sometimes people just offer unsolicited info to break the ice, or start a converstion? More because of akwardness of the moment, not necessarily themselves. I almost think that most insecure people just say nothing at all, because they are too afraid of what others may think. I can see how both scenarios work, i guess. Maybe it depends on personality types?

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