Signs of Insecurity #3

Another sign of insecurity is:

#3 Not Taking a Compliment

There are several reasons why people have such a hard time receiving a compliment here are a few of those reasons:

  • They don’t believe anything about themselves is good
  • They defer the compliment so the person giving it will just give more, and try to convince them

What else would you add? Do you have a hard time receivingĀ a compliment?

2 Responses to “Signs of Insecurity #3”

  • Hope says:

    I used to argue with everyone who complimented me. The same way I would refuse to let anyone buy me dinner or do nice things for me. I have learned that it is selfish, though. I shouldn’t deny people the blessings they get from doing something for me or encouraging me.

  • Kevin says:

    How about a warped or corrupted sense of humility. As a Christian, we are very prone to this because we have a tendency to defer everything to Jesus. “We wouldn’t want any glory for ourselves.”

    The truth of the matter is that the scripture clearly indicates we should encourage one another in love. This was a hard lesson that I had to learn. People encouraging or complimenting me wasn’t stealing the show from Jesus. It was just giving me another reason to thank Him for making me fearfully and wonderfully made.

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