Signs of Insecurity

As I’ve studied insecurity over the past couple years, I’ve discovered there are some very practical ways to spot someone who is insecure. This week I’ll reveal some of those ways… See if you find yourself in any of them, and find out how to overcome it!

 Sign #1 Taking Things Too Personally

  • No one can joke around with you because your feelings are bound to get hurt…
  • You’re too sensitive…
  • Any kind of constructive criticism feels like the end of the world…

What else do you want to add? Do you see yourself in this sign?

5 Responses to “Signs of Insecurity”

  • Nathan Davis says:

    Great post. I would like to add to the list the following:

    *You defend ridiculously. Having a difficult time being honest with yourself and others in fear of rejection or loss of status. Minimizing, rationalizing, justifying, blaming – personal responsibility is foreign to you.

    *You are fairly critical of others in that you are constantly deflecting. This critical attitude may make you come off as if you have it all together. (You would think by your comments that you were a pro and never made mistakes.)

    *Struggle to give and genuinely carry a concern for others because of your extreme self-conscious condition.

  • Anna Meadows says:

    Nathan– these are great addition… I couldn’t agree more!

  • Great post Anna! The roots of insecurity go all the way back to man’s fall. Suddenly we became completely self-conscience and self-aware in a way that God never desired. Leaf coverings come in many forms these days.

  • misti says:

    I do take things too personally sometimes.
    i also think insecurity is wrapped up in pride = you know better than God – ie i know better than He does on what to think about myself. Take for example Psalms 139:14 – God says i am ” fearfully and wonderfully made” – but i don’t know believe that b/c i know better than God (which is pride) so i have to replace my thoughts with His words… i have been thing about this ever since you asked me…

  • Anna says:

    Lawrence–I love that! “Leaf coverings come in many forms these days…” nice thought.
    Misti–Insecurity is totally wrapped up in pride. “Any preoccupation with ‘self’ is pride.” No matter if you have an inflamed view of yourself, or a deflamed view… it’s all pride.

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