The Battle–Concluded

Kidesk looks at this master and sees his jaw clench and unclench in anxious aggression.

It is true. Kidesk knows and has seen the effect of the saint’s prayers in action. He’s also seen the effects of the lack of them too.

Before Kidesk could answer a second in command from another battalion runs up to them. “Commander,” he gasps, winded from running from another region of the field. Sweat drips off him and black soot covers his face. “The battle is failing. Death and Despair are overshadowing us.” He pauses, his chest still heaving. “Sixty warriors have already fallen… they fought a good fight.” His voice holds sorrow.

Aaronon turns to Kidesk, “Tell the warriors to assemble.”

With that command Kidesk runs down the hill.

Aaronon turns to the soldier, saying, “Tell your commander we are not far from his aid and also, tell the Guardians to press in to the ones they keep. We need the prayers of the saints for strength.”

The soldier takes off running down the opposite side of the hill, toward the sound of the cannons. Aaronon turns to the warriors below him. They stand ready, always ready.

“Warriors,” his booming voice falls over the anxious army. “We will overcome these forces!” At his statement the soldiers cheer loudly, pumping their fisted arms in the air.

“Soak up the strength that is coming from the prayers of the saints. Do not be afraid or discouraged because of the vast army of the Evil One. For the battle is not theirs, but it is the Lord’s.”

The warriors are ready, their excitement and ascertainment cannot be contained. With one last look at Kidesk, a look of affirmation, Aaronon draws his sword from the sheath. The warriors, following his example, pull out their own weapons with a battle cry that shakes the ground beneath them.

“We are more than conquerors!” Aaronon shouts.

The army rushes, their commander leading them to do what they are made to do.

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  • OK, this is going to sound worse than I mean it to, but yer trying to write, so get use to criticism. Especially the unsolicited kind. It lacks depth. Yer not trying for happy shiny people here. Try looking into the pain you feel when one of your kids suffers. Or deeper yet, when one of your kids causes you to suffer. War is ugly. Battles are about loss of life on one side or the other, even though it occurs on both sides. You don’t have to go directly “there”, but it does have to come through to work. IMHO, as always. (duck and run for cover grin…)

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