Visual Story

…And now please enjoy this visual story of our trip to SanDiego!

We drove for almost 20 hours before we saw this…


So we decided to get out and take our picture…

sandiegofix2.JPGJoAnn (Cody’s mom) Me, and Cody!

We made it to our hotel, enjoyed a night in Old Town and were ready for Family Day at the Base!

sandiegofix3.JPGWe watched as over 500 hundred young men reported to their Drill Sergents. One last day till graduation!

sandiegofix4.JPG Honor, Courage and Commitment… there is nothing quite like a United States Marine! Semper Fi!

sandiegofix5.JPGWe saw this big ship called the USS MidWay…

sandiegofix6.JPG… and then reenacted this huge statue!!! (SanDiego Bay)

sandiegofix7.JPGWe hightailed it over to Coronado Beach…

sandiegofix8.JPG… and put our feet in the water… it was chilly!

sandiegofix9.JPG Enjoyed watching the sites!! (Isn’t he dreamy?)

sandiegofix10.JPG Graduation was the next day… America’s newest Marines!

sandiegofix11.JPGThank a Marine for fighting for our freedom…

We visited Laguna Beach, but all those pictures are on Cody’s phone… We packed up and left VERY early the next morning…

sandiegofix12.JPGMade a little pit stop at the Grand Canyon!!

And then drove…. and drove… and drove…

I got bored…


Really bored…


But we had a great time… the weather was PERFECT and I couldn’t have asked for a better trip! Looking forward to the next one!

What are some memorable trips you’ve taken? Any vacations in the works for next year?

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