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I Can’t Do it Alone!

Working in full time ministry now for almost two years has taught me a lot! One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that:

I can’t do it alone.


For the longest time I thought that asking for help was a sign weakness. Because of that I would kill myself to try and get everything done so that I wouldn’t need anyone’s help. I also thought that if I couldn’t do it all I was somehow failing my job and my volunteers.  But thankfully my eyes have been opened.

Asking for help is vital because it:

  • Helps you realize you’re not SuperMan and that it’s ok to rely on others for support
  • Gives those around you a chance to be a part of something too
  • Shows you that God’s people have a lot to offer if you’ll just allow them
  • Gives you a chance to rest and actually enjoy some of the fruits of your labors

I’m beginning to see that NOT asking for help is the real sign of weakness, and not allowing people to pitch in is the quickest way for failure in my ministry relationships and even my personal relationships. Plain and simple: not asking for help is just kind of selfish.

Do you struggle with asking for help? What benefits have you seen in your life when you’ve allowed others to give you a hand? 

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