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You’ve Got a Friend in Me–3

LuLu Scott


Lulu is one of my amazing SWITCH volunteers! Her incredible spirit inspires everyone around her. She has the most loving, giving heart and is always ready to minister to the girls at SWITCH.

But that is not the lesson LuLu has taught me. Through her crazy, unique personality LuLu has taught me the all important lesson to always:

  • Be yourself

LuLu is probably one of the most unique individuals you’ll ever meet. Her personality falls into a catagory all its own! She’s passionate, loud (I say that in the most loving way!) She has the most incredible style I’ve ever witnessed! She is who she is, and she could care less what anyone else thinks about it. That alone is a huge trait to have.

I only hope to display the qualities of uniquness and individuality as well as LuLu, she has reminded me to just be me and because of that I’m blessed to call her my friend!

What about you? Do you find yourself caring about what people think too often? Would you say you’re comfortable in who you are? Do you know LuLu? What do you think of her?

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