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You’ve Got a Friend in Me–4

Vince Parker


Vince is my co-worker, partner in crime, my fellow “Ass” (ASSociate youth pastor, at the N-dub!) Vince’s presence is truly influencing. He has that amazing ability that when he walks into a room he immediately draws the respect of everyone there. His 6 foot, 5 in stature isn’t the only thing that demands this respect, but it’s the way he lives his life.

I’ve only really known Vince for a couple months. But in those months he has taught me the invaluable lesson to always:

  • Live with Integrity

Vince loves Jesus more than anything else in this world, and it shows by the way he lives his life. He’s not one person at church, and another person at home.  He’s the same person no matter who is watching. He lives his life by the Word of God, diligently spends time with the Lord, with his wife and his daughter, showing that family is very important to him. He stays accountable to friends, and has even asked a couple, to mentor him and his wife.

I admire Vince for his integrity. I am so thankful to call him my friend and my brotha, from anotha motha!

What about you? Do you know Vince? Does his integrity inspire you? Do you feel you live with integrity, or is that an area you struggle in? Share your thoughts!

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