Let Me Not Be Blind with Privilege

“Let Me Not Be Blind with Privilege”

 images.jpeg This is a line in a song we sang this weekend at the Northwest campus. When I first heard this line it made me think mostly of material privileges: house, clothes, food, etc. But the more I experience in ministry, the more this line takes on a new meaning. 

Privilege can mean anything, from a job you love, to a close-knit family untainted by pain or death, to having every need provided because of an amazing support system of friends or loved ones. These are privileges many people don’t have.

A lot of people live out of their pain, not knowing where to turn. Ever wonder why that co-worker is so hard to get along with? Or why the checkout lady at the store is so negative? Or why that parent is so controlling? Sometimes when they lash out of that pain our tendency is to lash back. But maybe they haven’t had the privileges we’ve had…

So my prayer as I continue in ministry, or as you continue in your motherhood, or business, your teaching or caretaking, your job or just everyday life, is that we would not be blinded by our privileges. My prayer is that we would take the time to see the pain that others might be going through and offer them a little kinder a gesture than the rest of the world has offered.

  • What privileges do you have that are easy to be blinded by?
  • Will you join me in opening our eyes to the pain that is around us?
  • What can we do to reach out?

(Silent readers, it’s time to make your voice known!) 

4 Responses to “Let Me Not Be Blind with Privilege”

  • David C says:

    Great Blog this morning Anna!

  • Hope says:

    I think I have spent so much time being blinded to my privileges! Our kids have opened my eyes to just how blessed I am. I think now that I see, my amazing family and all the ways I am blessed are part of where I get the strength to pour into my girls.

  • Anna says:

    David C–Thanks for commenting!
    Hope–I totally know what you mean. It puts things into perspective for sure!

  • Shannon says:

    That is a beautifully put blog. I was reading Scotts article on christians making others sick and it raised a bunch of questions in me, then I read your blog and it all made sense. God is so cool the way he connects thoughts through each member of Christs body like that. Thank you for your blog. I pray that God will continue to make me appreciative of everything I have and need because without him I would have nothing. But I have seen some lean times when he was with me and I have to say I praise him in both times for everything he does. I hope and pray that everyone can see his provision and love in their lives at both times.

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