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The Natural Detox

You know that awful feeling most of us get after the holidays? We can actually see the cinnamon rolls on our thighs, and the ham and stuffing grabbing onto our tummy with no plan to let go. I felt like that a couple days ago as we wrapped up Christmas and New Years with all the goodies and sweets and heavy eating.


So I decided to give my body a detox. No, not the expensive stuff from Arbonne, or any other elixir that keeps you close to the toilet for two or three days. I’m talking about the natural detox.

                                                        fruits.jpg             veggies.jpg

Fruits and vegetables!  For the past four days I’ve only eaten fruits, veggies, yogurt and healthy proteins like cheese and eggs and I’m feeling great! I can already tell a difference in my clothes and in my energy! (Exercise plays a huge part in this as well.)


Feeling frumpy, or heavy or depressed about the few pounds you put on this past month? Take the detox challenge and see how your body will thank you!

 Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;” 1 Corinthians 6:19

SWITCH Tonight


We’re back at SWITCH for the new spring 2009 semester. Here are some goals for this year concerning our ministry:

  • Adult leaders: We’d like to see 50+ adult leaders coming on a consistent basis (Ever thought about becoming a leader?)
  • Students: 400 to 450+ students coming on a regular basis to SWITCH
  • 100 to 150+ students in a Biblical community called SWITCHgroups
  • 20 to 30 students in leadership development

Please be in prayer for the students of the Northwest campus. Most live lives of pain and hurt you and I could only imagine, but their passion continues to inspire me. I truly believe they have the potential to change the world for Christ.

What Would You Do…?

…If you witnessed someone stealing?

ist1_3401233-concept-questions.jpg My roommate was shopping at Wal-Greens the other day when she saw a man and woman putting merchandise in their coats. The man saw her watching them, and she didn’t know what to do… Do you:

A.   Approach the couple and tell them what you saw

B.    Walk to the cashier and tell them what you witnessed or

C.    Walk out of the store and leave them be?

What would you do? Have you ever witnessed someone stealing? Have you ever stolen anything? 

Let Me Not Be Blind with Privilege

“Let Me Not Be Blind with Privilege”

 images.jpeg This is a line in a song we sang this weekend at the Northwest campus. When I first heard this line it made me think mostly of material privileges: house, clothes, food, etc. But the more I experience in ministry, the more this line takes on a new meaning. 

Privilege can mean anything, from a job you love, to a close-knit family untainted by pain or death, to having every need provided because of an amazing support system of friends or loved ones. These are privileges many people don’t have.

A lot of people live out of their pain, not knowing where to turn. Ever wonder why that co-worker is so hard to get along with? Or why the checkout lady at the store is so negative? Or why that parent is so controlling? Sometimes when they lash out of that pain our tendency is to lash back. But maybe they haven’t had the privileges we’ve had…

So my prayer as I continue in ministry, or as you continue in your motherhood, or business, your teaching or caretaking, your job or just everyday life, is that we would not be blinded by our privileges. My prayer is that we would take the time to see the pain that others might be going through and offer them a little kinder a gesture than the rest of the world has offered.

  • What privileges do you have that are easy to be blinded by?
  • Will you join me in opening our eyes to the pain that is around us?
  • What can we do to reach out?

(Silent readers, it’s time to make your voice known!) 

Don’t Starve Yourself this Year!

I challenge you to stay nourished with God’s Word.   

YouVersion has a great new application to use for your Bible reading this year. It helps me stay on track and gives a daily reading plan. I also really enjoy reading what others think about a certain passage, and adding thoughts of my own for others to read.  

Join me in this challenge of feeding our spirits with God’s Word in 2009! 

Let us know if you’re going to take the challenge!  

My 2009

What a crazy, growing, stretching, challenging, unbelievable year 2008 was…


In 2008 I…

  • Ran my first half marathon,
  • Met the love of my life
  • Bought a house
  • Saw great growth and accomplishments in my ministry

In 2009 I hope to…

  • Run a full marathon 26.2 miles
  • Seal the deal with the love of my life
  • Continue making my house a home
  • Move forward in my ministry as God leads me
  • Start writing the first draft of my book

What about you? What accomplishments are you proud of from 2008? What new things would you like to see happen in 2009?

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