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We’re back at SWITCH for the new spring 2009 semester. Here are some goals for this year concerning our ministry:

  • Adult leaders: We’d like to see 50+ adult leaders coming on a consistent basis (Ever thought about becoming a leader?)
  • Students: 400 to 450+ students coming on a regular basis to SWITCH
  • 100 to 150+ students in a Biblical community called SWITCHgroups
  • 20 to 30 students in leadership development

Please be in prayer for the students of the Northwest campus. Most live lives of pain and hurt you and I could only imagine, but their passion continues to inspire me. I truly believe they have the potential to change the world for Christ.

3 Responses to “SWITCH Tonight”

  • Tonight was just an AWESOME night!

  • D.A. says:

    I agree with Robin, tonight was great. We had to open the curtains because of the amount of kids there. The way you and Vince and Tony ministered from a living room set was fabulous. It was like family and I could tell that you all had been in the schools from some of the comments. But I think what I could pick up more than anything is that there is a lot of stirrings and under currents going on with the kids. This is a good thing because it means God is working in these kids. Whenever this happens I think big things are happening.

  • Lulu says:

    Lastnight was amazing! We have the most amazing kids and the most AMAZING leaders. I’ll be in prayer with you that God moves and sees your plans come to fruition. And thanks again for all the texts, haha.

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