The Natural Detox

You know that awful feeling most of us get after the holidays? We can actually see the cinnamon rolls on our thighs, and the ham and stuffing grabbing onto our tummy with no plan to let go. I felt like that a couple days ago as we wrapped up Christmas and New Years with all the goodies and sweets and heavy eating.


So I decided to give my body a detox. No, not the expensive stuff from Arbonne, or any other elixir that keeps you close to the toilet for two or three days. I’m talking about the natural detox.

                                                        fruits.jpg             veggies.jpg

Fruits and vegetables!  For the past four days I’ve only eaten fruits, veggies, yogurt and healthy proteins like cheese and eggs and I’m feeling great! I can already tell a difference in my clothes and in my energy! (Exercise plays a huge part in this as well.)


Feeling frumpy, or heavy or depressed about the few pounds you put on this past month? Take the detox challenge and see how your body will thank you!

 Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;” 1 Corinthians 6:19

2 Responses to “The Natural Detox”

  • Theresa says:

    I was really happy with myself during the holidays. I actually lost 1.8 pounds and never allowed myself to feel that wonderful feeling of being stuffed.

    I did step off my WW for 3 weeks. Didn’t track points or go to meetings. I did try to keep up with eating all the veggies I was suppose too. I did splurge a couple times but tried to make up for it before and after.

    It has been a little hard to get back into my walking routine though. I am trying!!

    Good Job on the Detox. I love that it was a smart one of your own doing and not one of those strange ones that you have to take pills and more pills.

  • Point of view is a tricky thing. Here’s Steve(author of another alien blog; All Toes in the Water) on a “natural ingredient” in yogurt: “Unknown and unnoticed by most consumers, the juice of a tiny beetle first used by 16th century Spanish explorers is responsible for red, pink, orange, and purple coloring in hundreds of U.S. products….A check of supermarket shelves found both Dannon and Yoplait strawberry yogurts stating “colored with carmine” on their labels.” Heh…I always wondered what that “natural ingredient” listed on so many 100% fruit juice and other “natural ingredients” was…(grin)

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