What I’ve Learned from My Students–1

I’ve heard it said that if you keep a teachable heart you can learn from anyone. People older than you, people younger, people who you never thought could teach you anything. My desire is to always have a teachable heart and because of that I’ve learned some pretty amazing things.

For the next few posts I will share with you a few people I’ve learned from–people who most think should only be learning instead of teaching…

Haley Lynn Freeman


If you know Haley, you know an amazing, crazy girl of 14–going on 32. Haley started her freshman year at Putnam City Original last semester. Her passionate heart is inspiring. One of her top spiritual gifts is prayer, and you can be sure this girl prays! I’ve watched over the last year and seen almost every prayer she’s prayed be answered!

But the biggest thing I want you to know about Haley is her amazing ability to:

  • Influence

Haley is a natural influencer. She can lead just about anyone. Those older, those younger. It’s her confidence that brings her this natural ability to lead a team, a group of freinds, or her family toward a common goal. She is one of the most strongest leaders in SWITCH. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for her as she continues to grow in HIM.

Do you know Haley? What do you think of her? Would you say you are an influencer (a leader) or do you tend to be more of a follower?

4 Responses to “What I’ve Learned from My Students–1”

  • Hope Eaton says:

    I LOVE Haley! She is such an amazing leader for our students! She leads with her heart and I cannot wait to see what God will do through her!

  • Haley is the real deal. AND she puts up with my boys…. :) Going to be fun to watch what she allows God to do through her heart.

  • misti says:

    LOVE HER!! What more do i need to say – see is graceful, sweet, and”fearfully and wonderfully made” so glad to know her!!

  • Rachizzle fo Shizzle says:

    Haley. She is one amazing girl. And you’re right about her praying. She never stops. She’s FREAKIN AWESOME! :))

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