What I’ve Learned from My Students–2

Forrest Wright  (Forrest, you look so “punk” in this pic!) 😉 


I first met Forrest on a Wednesday afternoon, before SWITCH. He came to the church to help me set up. Of course the reason he came to help set up is because he had to do community service for some trouble he had gotten into at school. I never would have thought that little, shy boy would grow up to be such an amazing, loving leader. A man of God in his own right.

Forrest has taught me so much. But probably the biggest thing I’ll take away from knowing Forrest is his amazing capacity for:

  • Love

Forrest is probably one of the most loving students I’ve ever met. He has this amazing ability to love unconditionally and can often overlook others faults and shortcomings. It’s a gift God has given him. When he sees people, he usually doesn’t see them as they are, but he sees them as who they can become in Christ. It is because of this ability that he will lead, and does lead, many to faith in Christ.

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for Forrest as he continually seeks God’s face!

Do you know Forrest? What do you think of him? Do you find yourself loving unconditionally, or does that come harder for you? 

4 Responses to “What I’ve Learned from My Students–2”

  • Love Forrest like one of my own…and since he is at our house so often…

    He is the best friend of one of my guys. I like the influence….well, most of it 😉 haha

    He’s a leader (someone once told him that). His passion for God overflows from his loving heart.

    AND, he’s a good singer, guitar player and speaks fluent Kiwi! :)

  • Kody Meadows says:

    Forrest looks so black in that picture

  • Forrest Wright says:

    Mannn… I look so black in this picture

  • Hope says:

    I love Forrest! He is amazing with the students in Fuse! He leads not only those younger than him, but those of us that aren’t.

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