What I’ve Learned from My Students–3

Khadijah Flowers (Pronounced: Ka-deesh-a)

Khadijah is one of my ninth grade girls. She started her freshman year at Putnam City North last semester. God has done an amazing work in Khadijah’s heart over the last few months. I’ve watched her grow and mature in Christ so quickly. She takes on so much of the mother role in her house since her family situation is rough. She has a heart for ministry and is always looking for a place to serve.

But the biggest lesson I’ve learned from Khadijah is her:

  • Giving Heart.

This girl has the biggest heart you’ll ever experience. She really has nothing of her own, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to give big. Over the Christmas break she brought gifts to all our Bible study girls–just little gifts from her own room, to give away. This showed me such an amazing sacrificial heart, and made me take a look at my own generosity.

I hope to have as much of a giving heart as Kahdijah.

What about you? Do you know Kahdijah? Do you think you have a giving, generous heart?

3 Responses to “What I’ve Learned from My Students–3”

  • Hope says:

    OH KK! She loves big and she gives big! I know that she doesn’t have a ton to give, but she gives it. I have watched her with her little cousins. She really does give of her heart. I know that I have seen a huge change just in the time I have been around. The more you know her, the more you LOVE her!

  • D.A. says:

    She calls me Grandpa and that is just all right with me. She is a great girl. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in her life. A lot of people could learn from KK about giving and loving.

  • I just stumbled into your blog and was touched by this post . . . God’s been dealing with me lately about being more generous and focusing on serving others unselfishly. Thanks for sharing; have a blessed 2009!


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