What Would You Do…?

…If you witnessed someone stealing?

ist1_3401233-concept-questions.jpg My roommate was shopping at Wal-Greens the other day when she saw a man and woman putting merchandise in their coats. The man saw her watching them, and she didn’t know what to do… Do you:

A.   Approach the couple and tell them what you saw

B.    Walk to the cashier and tell them what you witnessed or

C.    Walk out of the store and leave them be?

What would you do? Have you ever witnessed someone stealing? Have you ever stolen anything? 

8 Responses to “What Would You Do…?”

  • misti says:

    I have stolen many a things, i also have been in iinvestigation rooms with people who have stolen things when i worked retail. – so i kind of know how these things work. All stores have security people or cameras, but the security person has to see the theif stealing or it does not matter. and by law they have to leave the store with the item consealed, then be obtained outside the store. it is alot to get a peson for stealing.
    In knowing how much it takes to “arrest” some one on stealing, i would not even bother telling a store person. But more over i can’t help of the verse in Romans that says “leave room for God’s wrath” (Romans12:19) He will take care of the theif, either in judgement or redemption. and that is my 2cents.

  • I’m just gutsy enough, I’d probably say something to the people.

  • I’m just gutsy enough, I’d probably say something to the people.

  • Kevin says:

    I would notify someone. And if I made eye contact with the theif I would simple shake my head in shame.

  • I’d approach the people and offer to purchase the items for them, because I’m just that kind of saint. Besides, if they didn’t need the items and knew that I knew that they weren’t planning on paying for the items, they’d leave them in the store from conviction. Yeah, because… oh wait…not an alien. Nevermind. (grin)

  • Ali says:

    I’m a chicken so I wouldn’t say anything. It would be going way out of my comfort zone.

  • I like Jimmy’s idea. :)

  • Theresa says:

    I like Jimmy’s idea too!

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