Why Do You Write Blogs?

My good friend, co-worker and adopted brother @vincentparker asked me yesterday. “Anna, why did you start blogging?” He’s thinking about starting a blog of his own, but doesn’t know if he wants to for sure. I gave him a few reasons:

  • I’ve always loved to write. This was just another outlet for my passion of word crafting. (Of course I didn’t say it as eloquently as that… I always seem to sound better when I’m writing than when I’m talking!)
  • I also love sharing ideas, lessons and truth with others, so blogging just seemed like the thing to do.

Which got me thinking… I wonder why other people blog? What got you started? What keeps you going? Share some insight for Vince and maybe we’ll be blessed with another blog to read. 

10 Responses to “Why Do You Write Blogs?”

  • Kyndal says:

    I blog to keep family and friends up-to-date with what’s going on in our lives. Scott Williams bugged me to blog for forever, and it finally took having a kid for me to cave! :)

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  • Jenn says:

    The main reason I started blogging was to keep family and friends “in the know” about our crazy journey. My husband and I are just a couple of kids trying to have fun while doing the med school and nursing school thing while jobless and trying to pay the bills during this crazy time of economic hardships. It makes for a decently interesting life. I enjoy sharing bits and pieces of who we are, were, and who we want to be someday.

  • Good question! I kept a journal for many years and enjoy the reflective process and well as looking back to my past as a way of looking forward to the future if that makes any sense. I have thought about blogging for many years and then thought “what the heck would I say?” and “Who the heck would read it anyway?”. Now I am really enjoying reading the thoughts of others and in many ways it is helping me grow as a person. Twitter has been the difference since so many people I follow seem to be doing good things and writing about them.

    Now I am motivated again and just week wrote my first in many years blog entry. We will just have to see how it goes. I am looking forward to it.

  • Kara says:

    Strictly to see how popular I am judging by the number of comments I receive.

  • Anna says:

    David–I also kept a journal from my 15th year to my 21st year. Everyday of my life during that time is one paper! It really helped me process a lot of what I was going through during that time. I stopped doing it so I could focus more on blogging.

    Kara–I love your answer! Hilarious!

    Kyndal–Having a baby is a good reason to have a blog. We can still keep up with your family, even though your thousands of miles away!

  • Nicole says:

    I blog so we can look back and see whats going on with us when we forget. Plus our family likes to see the boys since they dont live by us=)

  • taylor says:

    my family and friends love to be in-the-know, and i am so much more consistent with typing my journals than i am with handwritten ones. i want so badly to record these days and be able to look back a few years down the road, hopefully being a little wiser by then. :)

  • Kevin says:

    I can remember journaling (guy word for diary) since the 6th grade. I don’t know if it was because of how bad life was or whether I wanted some tangible trace of God’s incredible work in my life. Overtime, that journal hopped on the internet in the form of a blog.

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