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I’ve been chillin’ in Broken Arrow for the last couples days, speaking at a Disciple NOW event with Arrow Heights Baptists church.

It’s been great so far. The Kyle Cantrel Band came from Journey Church in Norman, and they are rockin’ it out!

The theme of the weekend is “LiveLove” and we’re talking about becoming better lovers in these three areas:

Loving God—The ability to love is found in God because God is love.

Loving ourselves—We cannot love our neighbor as we love ourselves until we learn to love ourselves.

Loving others—Taking the “i” out of our life.

I love how all three are so connected! Thanks to everyone for prayers and support! 

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Your Dream Team

If you had the chance to sit down with three1.jpg people and learn from them for two.jpg hours, who would they be and why?

Along the Way

I heard something today that really got me thinking. “Don’t under-estimate the leadership development that happens along the way.”

ist1_6389149-beech-forest-in-spring.jpgSometimes we can get caught up in thinking that leadership development has to look a certain way: in a classroom setting, taking notes at a training seminar, meeting regularly with a mentor. Don’t get me wrong, all those things are necessary for leadership development, but sometimes the best development happens during the journey.

Sometimes it’s the hard seasons in life that teach us the most. It’s the times when things seem rough that shape us into the leaders we are today. I’ve heard it said, that “life is the best teacher of all.” But the key is you have to be looking for those lessons, and truly learn from them. Keeping a teachable heart is the quickest way to grow as a leader.

Think about yourself a year ago. How different are you now? How much have you grown as a leader, a Christ-follower, a parent, or a person?

Leadership development is happening all around you. It’s called life. Are you taking the time to learn from it? 

Think. Speak. Do.

Recently I heard something that really got my attention. “The three most important areas of life are: our thoughts, our words and our actions.”

Is there something in your life you want to do? Some goal you want to accomplish? Some sin you want to overcome?

  • It all starts with your thoughts. Focusing your thoughts can bring huge changes in your life. Start thinking about what you want to do.
  • Then you speak it. Speak whatever it is to anyone and everyone who will listen.
  • After you’ve done those two things, you take action. Do what you’ve been talking and thinking about doing, and don’t worry about failing. 

I gather that if you can master those three areas of life nothing can hold you back.

Do you agree, disagree? Is there something in your life that you want to accomplish, or change?

Think it, Speak it, Do it!

Let’s Marathon!

images.jpegThe annual Memorial Marathon happens April 26th, 2009 in down town Oklahoma City. Runners from across the glob will join together for “A Run to Remember,” commemorating the 1995 Murrah building bombing.  

I’ll be right there in the big middle of it, all 26.2 miles.

Registration is active, and this year I’ve decided to give YOU an opportunity to be a part of this amazing race—even if you can’t run it with me.

Registration fees are $80.00 to run the full marathon. If you’d like the opportunity to sponsor my race I will make mention of your blog or business in a later post as well as advertise your support during the run. (Any amount will qualify.)

If you’d like to help me make this race possible, contact me at or DM me on Twitter @Anna_Meadows.

Anyone else out there participating in the marathon?   

Insecurity Sucks–Second Addition

Insecurity sucks. Plain and simple. It really sucks when it comes to insecurity in leadership. It is nearly impossible to be a successful leader if you’re insecure.

I wrote this post for Swerve, the blog a couple months ago. Today I want to share a few more thoughts about insecurity in the leadership above you and why it is so deadly.

  • If the leadership above you becomes insecure, the tendancy to “control” everything comes into play.
  • If the leadership above you becomes insecure, the less they want their followers to flourish.
  • If the leadership above you becomes insecure, they will have a hard time allowing their people to be who they were created to be.
  • If the leadership above you becomes insecure, they might start attracting only those who don’t indimidate or challenge their leadership.  
  • If the leadership above you becomes insecure, they will lose those who AREN’T insecure.
  • If the leadership above you becomes insecure, it could be the ultimate undoing of that leadership.

I lead a team of about 75 people every week. I strive hard not to control, allow them to flourish, and not become insecure so that my team can be the best they can be.  

What about you? Do you lead people? A team, a family, a small group, employees? Where do you find yourself when it comes to insecurity?

Insecurity sucks.

What insecurities are holding you back right now?

How have you seen insecurity sabotage you or someone else’s leadership?

Godly Relationships

I need your help.

ist1_4890702-couple-holding-hands.jpg I’m writing a message for an up-coming series for SWITCH about relationships. I’ve been given the topic:

“What Does a Godly Relationship Look Like?”

I know what I think, but I’d like to get a little more feedback.

What are your thoughts? Remember, this message will be given to students in the 6th-12th grade! 

What if…

What if God’s patience was measured in proportion to our own?          1 Tim. 1:16 

Leaders: The Future-Minded

ist1_4171786-sun-and-life.jpg“A good leader is future-minded. They think about how their actions will affect them in the future.”

I tell my students that all the time. “You can’t just live in the here and now. What you do today, really WILL matter later in life.” As I continue to grow up, I realize the truth behind this statement.

Learning this concept at an early age has helped me in tremendous ways. It’s what I used to filter every decision as a teenager and a young adult. It’s the reason I did some things, and didn’t do other things, and I know it’s the reason for where I’m at today. As I was thinking about this leadership concept, I realized it goes even deeper than being future-minded. Instead I would have to say that good leaders are eternally minded. After all eternity is what we’re promised as Christ-followers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          What about you? Does the phrase “future-minded” or “eternally-minded” strike a cord with you? What things would you have done differently when you were younger, now that you see how your choices affect your life as an adult? 

Big Things for Big SWITCH

bigswitchslide1.jpgLast night we had our Big SWITCH event where we saw over 700 students, 77 adult leaders and over 20 first time salvations. It was an incredible night with CedEnough performing live and closing out his own message. (The man’s got a heart for God!)

I cannot thank enough people for making this night happen. Leaders, students, parents, staff.

Any good stories from last night? Let’s do it again next week!

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