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Brick Town Girl

In response to all your comments, I’m going to tell you the story connected to the #1 thing to know as a woman pastor.

1. Don’t kiss random strangers in Brick Town… it could come back to haunt you!

And it did. But please hear me out before you pass judgment…

It was my little sister’s bachelorette party, and we decided to spend it in Brick Town. As the maid of honor it was my job to plan the party, so I decided to make it fun and give every girl an objective they had to accomplish before the night was over—little things to get them loosened up and out of their shells so we would have a night to remember. These objectives ranged from anything like, getting a guy to kiss the bride-to-be on the cheek, or having someone sign his name on a sister’s arm. Harmless, really… until…

Until they all decided to create an objective for me! “You have to kiss a guy—on the lips!” As a single girl, I though it was daring, so I agreed. We walked up and down the streets of brick town trying to find the lucky guy. My sister’s kept picking men that were less than attractive, until one, in particular, stood out.

I looked him over and agreed. So they approached him and told him our idea. He looked me over and agreed and then we kissed. An innocent, little peck on thin lips that lasted less than three seconds. My sisters cackled and whooped in the background, and when I re-joined the group they decided to add one more adjective to my plate: You have to get his number!

So, not wanting to spoil the fun, (plus, thinking the guy was pretty good looking) I agreed and went back to where he and his friend were waiting in line for a movie ticket.

“I have to get your number as the last thing of my objective,” I said rather innocently.

Thin Lips turned around and in that moment my stomach dropped. “I know you,” he said. “You’re a youth pastor at Northwest campus.”

My eyes doubled in size and all I could do was laugh. Since then I’ve seen Thin Lips at church a few times. We laugh and exchange knowing smiles at the silliness of it all.

So, just remember, don’t kiss random strangers in brick town. You never know who you could be kissing.

Have you ever had something like that happen?  

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