Along the Way

I heard something today that really got me thinking. “Don’t under-estimate the leadership development that happens along the way.”

ist1_6389149-beech-forest-in-spring.jpgSometimes we can get caught up in thinking that leadership development has to look a certain way: in a classroom setting, taking notes at a training seminar, meeting regularly with a mentor. Don’t get me wrong, all those things are necessary for leadership development, but sometimes the best development happens during the journey.

Sometimes it’s the hard seasons in life that teach us the most. It’s the times when things seem rough that shape us into the leaders we are today. I’ve heard it said, that “life is the best teacher of all.” But the key is you have to be looking for those lessons, and truly learn from them. Keeping a teachable heart is the quickest way to grow as a leader.

Think about yourself a year ago. How different are you now? How much have you grown as a leader, a Christ-follower, a parent, or a person?

Leadership development is happening all around you. It’s called life. Are you taking the time to learn from it? 

One Response to “Along the Way”

  • Angela G says:

    As a leader- I’ve grown immensely more confident and able to speak in front of audiences. With becoming a stronger, more devout Christian, God has placed opportunities in front of me that have made me into the leader that I am. God has 3 more roles and opportunities that I know of right now for me to take skills from. All of the opportunities I’ve had so far, have put new traits inside of me that I’ve never had before. Such as confidence, self-assurance, taking charge, extreme organization… the list goes on. I’m definitely loving leadership. It’s where I feel I’m meant to me. Along with being a Nutritionist and writing my own book! :)

    I love you Anna! You’re amazing.

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