Leaders: The Future-Minded

ist1_4171786-sun-and-life.jpg“A good leader is future-minded. They think about how their actions will affect them in the future.”

I tell my students that all the time. “You can’t just live in the here and now. What you do today, really WILL matter later in life.” As I continue to grow up, I realize the truth behind this statement.

Learning this concept at an early age has helped me in tremendous ways. It’s what I used to filter every decision as a teenager and a young adult. It’s the reason I did some things, and didn’t do other things, and I know it’s the reason for where I’m at today. As I was thinking about this leadership concept, I realized it goes even deeper than being future-minded. Instead I would have to say that good leaders are eternally minded. After all eternity is what we’re promised as Christ-followers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          What about you? Does the phrase “future-minded” or “eternally-minded” strike a cord with you? What things would you have done differently when you were younger, now that you see how your choices affect your life as an adult? 

3 Responses to “Leaders: The Future-Minded”

  • jasonmaxwell says:

    I think one of the things that was tough for me as a teenager is not that I wasn’t future/eternal minded, but that I was not disciplined enough to follow through with those thoughts. Looking back, there are multiple times that I would love to have made better choices and took a different action than I did. I think Craig G. said that a person can’t lead unless they fail..a lot, so I must be a stinkin good leader. 😉 It has been tough looking back, wishing that I would have done something different, but now I am thankful for my mistakes in life. It is my hope/prayer that my mistakes will in some way help others around me.

  • I hate that question(grin). Everything.

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