Top 10 Things to Know as a Woman Pastor

top-ten-gold.jpg 10. Don’t forget an extra bra if you are going into the baptism pool! 

9. Never say “Period” “Tampon” or “Menstrual Cycle” in the office.  

8. Always have someone else with you when you pray with the opposite sex!

7. Keep a bottle of Aleve or IB-prophen in your desk.  

6. When you make a call and a woman answers and you ask for her husband, be sure to say you’re from the church!

5. If you’re on the first day of your period, it’s probably better just to stay home. 

4. Whatever you do, try NOT to cry when discussing things with your boss or fellow co-workers.

3. If you’re single, men may find you intimidating. If you’re married, or in a serious relationship, he must be a strong guy!

2. Don’t take things personally. They never are!

And the # 1 thing to know if you’re a woman pastor…

1. Don’t kiss random strangers in Brick Town… it could come back to haunt you!  

10 Responses to “Top 10 Things to Know as a Woman Pastor”

  • ~abi~ says:

    hahaha!!! great list! :)

  • Mom here…guess you could ‘splain #1 a little better and that it happened over 2 years ago :)

  • Lulu says:

    Hahaha. Well, the list is awesome and I think you should let #1 go. Like your mom said, it’s been over 2 years ago. I think you have moved past that little kiss and into something better.

  • jasonmaxwell says:

    Ya gotta do a blog post on #1 after reading these last two comments!

  • Jeremy says:

    Top 10 things to know as a male point leader:

    10) you better like pizza

    9) female middle school students dont really want to listen to you but only look at you

    8) also keep a bottle of pain killers in reach F/E car/pocket

    7) dont have a beer @ san marcos (pc district) cause students may dine there as well

    6) hope you enjoy only eating at restaurants on NW expressway after switch

    5) be prepared to hear WACK stories not only from students but more so leaders!

    4) dont mix business with pleasure and become a leader pimp

    3) learn that you will suck on stage then progressively get better

    2) go with your gut feeling and dont be overly nice to old creepy ladies

    1) be prepared to make life long friends!

  • Anna says:

    Jeremy–ha-ha! Hilarious! I love it! Anyone else want to chime in?

  • haha…I’m laughing out loud at Jeremy’s! I won’t tell you which # exactly! hahaha

  • Katie says:

    That was NOT over 2 years ago. It will be exactly 2 years in July! I’m not sure that it makes a difference but I thought you all should know. Plus another good tip is to tell your boyfriend the story before you post it on your public blog 😉

  • Ali says:

    HaHa I forgot about that! There are a ton of people in OKC you didn’t know that he actually went to the church your a pastor at. I mean it could of happened to anyone!

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