Wednesday Attacks, Thursday Recover

Every Wednesday morning, I’m tempted to stay in bed a little longer than necessary. I don’t know why, or how to explain it, other than a spiritual attack. Wednesdays are probably the most draining days of my weeks, (and I know it’s the same for my adult leaders.) There’s just something we’re doing here at SWITCH that the enemy doesn’t want us doing…

I talked to a couple other leaders last night about this situation, and they too had similar feelings. One leader said she even had a hard time finding the church to make it to SWITCH last night! (and she’s been coming to this church for well over 6 months now!)

Others tell me that sometimes they just have bad days on Wednesdays. Things at work don’t go well, or they are extra irritable. All of it is a ploy of the enemy trying to get us off track for what we’re really supposed to be doing.

If you’re a leader, THANK YOU for your sacrificial service to these students. Thank you for pushing through the enemy attacks, and ministering out of a heart of brokenness.

If you are not a leader, please pray for us! God is doing such amazing things with our group of students and leaders that we kick the enemy in the booty! Take that!

Do you agree? Share your thoughts on attacks.

8 Responses to “Wednesday Attacks, Thursday Recover”

  • Interesting….my attacks seem to be on Thursdays…the day after. I’m draggy and feel drugged. I think it’s satan’s way of suggesting I give up Wed nights so I won’t be so drained the next day.

    So, we sleep in a little later on Thursdays, plan on a lighter school day, and do a little extra resting.

    Take THAT satan!

    Can’t wait for next Wednesday!

  • Mandy says:

    I can certainly testify to Wednesdays being hard. I usually do just fine until I step into church that afternoon. Then almost every week, something happens that makes me just want to leave because it would make life SOOO much less stressful…but then I remember I’m there for a reason and that is where I am supposed to be. It’s hard! And Thursday mornings are the worst! :)

  • Hope says:

    Oh Wednesdays! If anything can go wrong in my week, it is on a Wednesday! Yesterday was a DAY! And every Thursday, I am exhausted! I take it as a compliment that I am doing something good and that Satan wants to stop me, but some days…
    I tend to fight it by listening to worship music or sermons on Wednesday all day while working and then try not to have anything other than work on Thursday so that I can rest.

  • Lulu says:

    I don’t think some of us leaders would be able to make it if we didn’t have such strong leadership that we could turn to. Not just you, Vince, and Tony. But all of the volunteers that have stepped up to be of service to you guys to make sure that things get done. I look up to and depend on some of the other leaders for advice and support just as much as I look up to you guys for advice, support, and comfort. We are blessed to all be fighting in this together.

    P.s. If the dreams start again, I’ll be ticked, lol.

  • Kara says:

    I definitely have hard Wednesdays and things always get in the way, but I’ve just decided that no matter what I’m going… (I think your phone call a few weeks ago helped.. duh) I can’t imagine a reason God wouldn’t want me there so the only thing getting in the way has to be something other than God… :)

  • Anna says:

    Robin–the enemy can be very decieving. I’m glad you see through it! (Boy am I glad!);)
    Mandy–An extra cup of coffee every Thursday morning!! LOL!
    Hope–You are incredible. I can’t imagine not having you on the team!
    LuLu–Oh, the dreams. I hope they don’t start again either. You are SO right. I also look up to the point leaders for encouragement and motivation. They are the BOMB!
    Kara–I’m so glad you are pushing through. God will honor that in HUGE ways!

  • Jeremy says:

    when wednesdays come around, im ready to rock! i dont feel the attack then. after switch im gone, i have hardly any energy but rarely feel like the evil one is trying to get to me. thursday usually comes around like a normal day. satan knows my weaknesses, he knows that on wed im to strong to let anything get in my way and after switch he knows im too tired to even care what he thinks. his attacks come randomly when im alone and its quite. i dont like that… but Jesus is King of Kings Lord of Lords and the home boy has my back to satan can kiss it!

  • misti says:

    Yea, this happens at the Calvitti home all the time – even yesterday morning (Thursday) we were awoken by our house alarm beeping at 5:45am and it was really loud!!- but whatever it is worth it -i think. and then i got witnessed to a Wal-mart by this young lady who was WAY off base and i ended up having to share Jesus with her – the real Jesus – she was completely decieved and i was so tired ( from waking up at 5:45 and going to bed so late) that a first i did not realize what was going on – i was being attacked – but God turned it all around for good!!

    I have a friend who once said ” when satan shots a arrow at you,meant for your harm, God takes it and turns it into to a beautiful suit.” I LOVE that saying!!!

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