Your Dream Team

If you had the chance to sit down with three1.jpg people and learn from them for two.jpg hours, who would they be and why?

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  • Hi!
    Teddy Roosevelt–He is perhaps one of my favorite President and I have read several biographies of his life. He was a great leader during a time of transition in our country. I would like to hear more stories about his childhood his love for adventure. I know I would learn a lot about leadership and overcoming adversity from him.

    Lord Baden-Powell (Founder of the Scout Movement) Baden-Powell saw a need in the early 1900’s to reach out to youth and help them with values and growth in a way that no other organization could provide. I would like to hear his thoughts about our modern world and what ideas he might have to help youth and parents understand the value of the program.

    My father–My Dad died when I was young and I have very few memories of him. I would like to ask him about his life what he stood for and what kind of man he would wish me to be. There are so many things as a young man that I wanted him to speak with me and advise me about. I also do not know if he was a Christian when he died. I would like to think that he was but I do not know. A good reminder that our own family should know where we stand with the Lord.

  • Anna says:

    @davidtcopeland–Thanks for your response. I’ve never heard of Lord Baden-Powell. I would LOVE to hear what he had to say about the youth of today…

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