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Greatest in the World

  • What do you feel like you could be the greatest in the world at doing?
  • Are you doing it? 

Process or People?

Do you easily forget about people? I do.

It’s so easy to forget about them. I’ve started to notice the very reason why I wanted to get into ministry, can be one of the most frustrating aspects of my job: People.

It’s easy for me to get caught up in the process of ministry, and leave the people out in the cold. The problem is, people are the ministry!

This doesn’t just happen in the ministry world. It can happen as a mom, a businessman or woman, a student, a teacher, etc.

So, ask yourself: In your area of life, or job, or ministry do you find yourself focusing more on the process, or the people? 

Is it ok…

images.jpg …to do something you know is wrong… if no one gets hurt?

Is it ok…

…to do something you know is wrong… if you were just trying to help?

I’m writing two messages for FUSE The Loop our 5th and 6th grade ministry at I need your help!

What do you think? Is it ok….? Why or why not?

Are You Life-Giving?

images-11.jpegIn ministry I find myself around a lot of people. People in all shapes, sizes, colors, and backgrounds.

But I’ve discovered people will always fall into two categories: Life-giving people or life-draining people.


  • Always interested in others
  • Positive attitude and words
  • People like being around you


  • Always talks about themselves
  • Negative words and attitude
  • Someone people avoids

I try to always be a life-giving person. So, which one are you? 

Building or Breaking?

Which one are you in?

Over the course of my 22 years of life I’ve discovered our life will always fall into two categories: Building or Breaking.

Building—This is when things are fun! Opportunities seem to knock on every door and every window. The direction of your life seems laser focused, and you wake up with a sense of joy and anticipation for the things to come. This is when you are building toward a goal, or vision that God has placed in your life!

Breaking—This is when things are painful. Sometimes it feels like NOTHING is happening and nothing WILL happen for the rest of your life! You don’t feel like you have any real direction, and sometimes it feels as if every breath takes effort. If you’re smart, this is the place where you cling to God with everything in you. But sometimes it also feels like your faith is hanging by a thread!

I’ve experienced both seasons of building and breaking. Right now, I’m in the building stage. But here is a truth that you should never forget: Without the breaking season of life, the building season would never be possible!

Share your thoughts on why that is! What season are you in right now? 

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